Spud's Sprites: The Potato's Return


Just re-opening my sprite thread

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Was just playing around trying to convert the Gaiden sage into a gba sprite after I realized how cool it looks.

Any Feedback?


It looks like it could work as a promoted unit


Looks Great! Only shading is shoddy here and there.


Thanks, it needs a bit of work still, (which will probably never happen) but I got the idea stuck in my head and I wanted to see how it would look. Probably won’t ever animate it, just practicing my spriting


Then I shall do it for you.

I mean, this looks great, I could get behind animating this.


That looks really good. In my mind it would work great as a Hawkeye style custom animation for a bishop or sage if you wanted a specific character to stand out.


I can’t be sure if I’ll like it or not until I see it with an animated cape billowing heroically in the wind and Renault’s palette.

Then it will be abundantly clear: Renault was the true hero of FE7.


I had an idea for the class name of your mounted Brigand. You could call it a “Highwayman.”


I had the idea of “Raider”


Are you planning to make a map sprite for the mounted Brigand?


@FPzero I will be using yours.
@BlueDruid Raider is more like Yeti’s idea of a pirate promotion though, which is what I’d use the name for. That or Seaman


Possibly, I’m going to be on a vacation all next week so I’m not going to be doing anything until I get back from that


Finished a recolor of the recruit to look more like Amelia’s portrait.

Now I am going to start on promoted animations.


RE: FE2 Sage

Perhaps you should have the cape in a more natural (i.e. not gravity-defying) position for the still frame, and have the cape flutter for the attack/crit in a way that’s reminiscent of the Gaiden sprite?


Finally someone addressed the elephant in the room. :smiley:


The shading did not look good and the colors were too dark for a battle sprite. So I decided to help out a bit.


Well yeah the flying cape is ridiculous for a standing frame. That was just the first picture I found of the sprite and I tried to recreate it.


Someone say gravity-defying?



A hoof is touching the ground. How dare you imply that pegasus doesn’t simply have exquisite balance.