Spud's Sprites: The Potato's Return

Updated to 2019

The top row consists of weapon swap type edits, the left half of the bottom row contains good and bad attempts at custom animations, and the right half of the bottom row has all of the stills I’ve made.


Was just playing around trying to convert the Gaiden sage into a gba sprite after I realized how cool it looks.

Any Feedback?


It looks like it could work as a promoted unit

Looks Great! Only shading is shoddy here and there.

Thanks, it needs a bit of work still, (which will probably never happen) but I got the idea stuck in my head and I wanted to see how it would look. Probably won’t ever animate it, just practicing my spriting

Then I shall do it for you.

I mean, this looks great, I could get behind animating this.


That looks really good. In my mind it would work great as a Hawkeye style custom animation for a bishop or sage if you wanted a specific character to stand out.

I can’t be sure if I’ll like it or not until I see it with an animated cape billowing heroically in the wind and Renault’s palette.

Then it will be abundantly clear: Renault was the true hero of FE7.

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I had an idea for the class name of your mounted Brigand. You could call it a “Highwayman.”

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I had the idea of “Raider”

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Are you planning to make a map sprite for the mounted Brigand?

@FPzero I will be using yours.
@BlueDruid Raider is more like Yeti’s idea of a pirate promotion though, which is what I’d use the name for. That or Seaman

Possibly, I’m going to be on a vacation all next week so I’m not going to be doing anything until I get back from that

Finished a recolor of the recruit to look more like Amelia’s portrait.

Now I am going to start on promoted animations.


RE: FE2 Sage

Perhaps you should have the cape in a more natural (i.e. not gravity-defying) position for the still frame, and have the cape flutter for the attack/crit in a way that’s reminiscent of the Gaiden sprite?

Finally someone addressed the elephant in the room. :smiley:

The shading did not look good and the colors were too dark for a battle sprite. So I decided to help out a bit.


Well yeah the flying cape is ridiculous for a standing frame. That was just the first picture I found of the sprite and I tried to recreate it.

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Someone say gravity-defying?


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A hoof is touching the ground. How dare you imply that pegasus doesn’t simply have exquisite balance.