Spud's Sprites: The Potato's Return


Working on a promotion for the Amelia recolor and I need some advice and critiques. I feel like the middle frames look strange and manly, and I’m sure the shading throughout has issues.


That bendy arm in frame 7 looks a little odd to me, but otherwise everything looks good.


Her free hand on the standing sprite looks a little awkward and so does her skirt. I like the motion though, and I like the fact that she one-hands the lance now.


I’ll try to fix the noodle arms and repost a pic once I’ve finished the return frames. Thanks for the input.


So I took the shading help on the sage and have been messing around with animating it. Here’s the crit. I don’t really like the way it pauses during the screen flash and the cape flutter at the end looks weird.
Any thoughts?


The way his left hand side just stays motionless seems off to me.


Now with slightly different lightning and movement


It feels like the head needs a slight blur frame when lowering his head and closing his eyes. The transition there feels too choppy, but otherwise the animation is great.


Now with slight head bob:

Onward to a healing animation


I very much dislike that weird cape flourish at the end. It looks jerky and weird, totally unnatural. Every other piece of the animation is fantastic, but that cape bit at the end is totally out of place IMO.


so you and the cape flourish have a lot in common then


The original animation had the weird flutter at the end so I was just trying to copy that. Regardless, I finished it and added it to the directory with a version without the flutter.


Revisited the Amelia T1 thing

Parts of it are still a little off, but I’m tired of messing with it. Added it to the animation directory.


Also been messing around with a some gaiden stuff from echoes hype

Dread Fighter

Exorcist/Summoner/Skeleton Mage Thing


Yes. YES. Need… MOAR.


So after doing nothing for years I am trying to finish everything I started, which is taking much longer than I thought. But I have completed a few things.

I finished the skeleton gaiden cantor animation and the T2 Amelia animation

I basically just took the gaiden sprite and added the sacred stones skeleton head but I like how it turned out.

When I first made this sprite I wanted to do something totally custom, but I couldn’t come up with anything decent so I ended up reskining the F Halberdier animation that already exists. So not exactly what I wanted when I started but now its done and I can move on.

Credit The Blind Archer for the Halberdier and Black Mage, Temp, and 2WB for the F Halberdier