Sonic FE, because I don't have a title yet [Tactile]

Excellent visuals, it’s nice to see Sonic drawn without the mono-eye more often. Did the recent Sonic movies influence that aesthetic decision?

nope, that’s how i prefer to draw them

also because the mono eye wouldn’t fit tactile’s blinking frames lol



have some progress on a new sprite


Is Germerl going to be there too? He’s the final boss from Sonic advance 1 if I remember correctly. It’d be a hilarious standoff with emerl and gemerl.

no, gemerl will not appear in the game

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so will there be paired endings

yes, there will be!


were there any pairing you were hoping to see?

Supports work like in GBA or Awakening? I would love to see a conversation between Tails and Marine.

the maximum number of supports a unit can have is 99. but support bonuses have been severely reduced, and the range they are activated is also reduced to be adjacent


this is a really cool project, if you ever need (more) playtesters let me know! big sonic & fire emblem fan, glad to see them crossover

also the sprites are phenomenal im very jealous :sweat_smile:

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Plfeel feee to join the server as im always looking for playtesters

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Making some progress.


Nice progress on the Big the Cat portrait.

Not sure if this was asked/confirmed but I’ve gotta ask. Will Sonic get Caliburn as a personal weapon as a node to Sonic and the Black Knight?

no plans to have caliburn as a weapon, but there are generic weapons that represent the knights of the round tables weapons as well as accessories that represent them

Brooo i cant wait to play this, as soon as you drop a demo of it or anything im trying

you can try it now by joining the discord server and testing it!