Some simple skill activation effects for FE8

Got the FE8 Skill System patch, but not too fond of the default proc effects? Here’s some simple replacements (read: one whole flash effect a la FE12, recolored a bunch of times) that use the same format as the originals, so they can be inserted without much trouble.

They’re nothing all too fancy or advanced so chances are there’s better ones out there, but maybe this’ll help out someone so I thought I’d share them regardless. FEBuilder can’t open them in its animation editor once inserted, but I swear they work just fine ingame :stuck_out_tongue:

(Free to use and modify, naturally, credit or no)


I’m not hacking FE8, but that is a lot of effort right there, Nice hacking dude!

Fixed in ver 20180527.06.

+            if (anime_config_address + (4 * 5) > Program.ROM.Data.Length)
-            if (anime_config_address + (4 * 5) >= Program.ROM.Data.Length)
            {//Out of range.

Very useful. Thank you for your efforts

I hope @circleseverywhere use this then I’ll be grateful