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Is there a patch for FE8 that makes it play the Game Over music when a unit who causes a game over when they die, well, dies? This already happens in FE6 and FE7, but not in FE8 to my knowledge.


Can FE 6 and FE 7 adapt patches and do that?
Can you present that patch?


I don’t think there’s a patch for them. It’s just something that already happens in those games.
Basically, say Serra in FE7 dies. It’ll play the unit loss music and display her death quote, then return to normal gameplay as she gets killed off.
But if Eliwood dies, it’ll play the Game Over music as it shows his death quote, and then display the Game Over screen afterwards.
But in FE8, when any unit dies, causing a game over or not, it’ll play the unit loss music with their death quote.

… Sorry for the wall of text.


i see.
I did not notice that I reset as soon as the unit died.

I do not know the patch to solve it.
However, playing the sound is a function of m4a.
There are many wrappers to this function.
You should put a breakpoint here and track down where the sound is being played.

080D01FC m4aSongNumStart r0=music id:SOUND {U}

080BE594 m4aSongNumStart {U}




This number is a pointer to the place where the animation is installed.
Please import animation, not by hand.

The skill animation extension of FE8J is compatible with the skill animation extension of FE8U.
Therefore, you can use animation of FE8U.

For example, please use the animation released here.

I tried using skill_11 Astra.txt in the Astra (Green) folder in Slanax’s SkillAnimation.

In addition, we can convert material for RPG Maker(RPGツクール) by using FEBuilderGBA’s magic animation conversion tool.
However, since it decreases to 16 colors, it can not be reproduced much cleanly.
To use this tool, choose Menu -> Tool-> magic animation conversion.

For example, it is the material published on the following blog.
(Note: Redistribution of material is prohibited as this blog material data by license agreement. “Secondary distribution as material is not possible” 素材としての二次配布不可. Please do NOT redistribute it as converted data.)

Pixel/Particle Fx Designer

I had a problem with event.


Off-topic, but did you get permission for that mug?


Oh, I don’t know, I think it free, so sorry


Background 0x33 will work without problems.
(In FE 8U, the background is locked to 0x37. However this time it is 0x33 so it is irrelevant.).

Please send me the UPS data of your ROM with Menu -> File-> problem reporting tool.


This is a patch bug that breaks the background 0x37 limit.
I will fix it next time.

Please Default of background 0x37.

NAME.en=Expand Background Image List
COMBO.en=Default: 37 Maximum|0x04 0xD1|Patched: Unlimited|0x04 0xE0

Default is 0xE836 as 0x04 0xD1.
In the correction, it had to be 0x04 0xE0.
But I made a mistake, 0x00 0x00.
This is the reason for the mistake.

I will fix it next time.

If you correct in a hurry, please return to “Default: 37 Maximum”.
(Currently, Your rom is “Patched: Unlimited”.)

Or, from hex editor, write 0xE836, 0x04 0xD1.


I haven’t had trouble importing maps from fe6 and 7 before but I noticed that the map editor doesn’t include the snow tilesets when editing fe8- would it be possible to include them? I haven’t been able to import the tilesets which I have for femapbuilder into the program successfully.


Please refer to here.
There is no snow tile set on FE 8, so you need to porting it from FE 6 or make your own.


fixed Expand Background Image List Bug with Ver: 20180710.22.


Is there a way to increase the palette of the world map?


Four map pallets are available for the FE 8 world map.
Please select the world map with the subtractive color tool and decrease the color.
Automatically convert.

Four map pallets are available for the FE 8 world map.
Due to limitations, only one palette is available in an 8 * 8 cell.
Separate the image into 8 * 8 cells.
Then, for each cell, we decide which of the four palettes to use.
This mechanism is similar to TSA.
However, the large world map of FE 8 uses a mechanism called a palette map.


I usually use a 16-color painting world map, which is easier.


How do i make Prf weapons? (sorry if this is stupid and simple but after fiddling around and watching markyjoe’s tutorial i still dont know how to do this)


just don’t put a rank and make it have a lock like eirika lock etc


But weapon lock 1 and the character locks only show. And i already gave weapon lock 1,athos lock and lyn lock to several of my units. Can i just use weapon lock 1 on multiple units? (For context im doing an fe8 pme and several of the edits were new prf weapons for old units)