Software to create GBAFE battle animation templates from gif animation

gif to gbafe anime script

When you send a gif file to this program, it will automatically generate a template in GBAFE battle animation format.

Of course, it is just a template, and does not contain any C01 or other code.
It just contains the image and the number of frames.

31 p- Axs_000.png
4 p- Axs_001.png
4 p- Axs_002.png
16 p- Axs_003.png
6 p- Axs_004.png
3 p- Axs_005.png
4 p- Axs_006.png
5 p- Axs_007.png

The purpose of this software is to save the user the trouble of building combat animations from animations that are only available as gif.
Let’s create fun animations and share them with others.


The source code seems to be deleted by mistake. You may want to use git mv to rename it from git_to_gbefe_anime_script to gif_to_gbefe_anime_script.

BTW what does gbefe mean? Is it a typo for gbafe?

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Thanks for letting me know.
I hadn’t noticed that at all.
I’ve corrected it.

all praise lord 7743 :pray: