Sleep Just Not Working?

I am working on a Sacred Stones rom and I’ve found that for whatever reason, Sleep just does not function. A unit can use a sleep staff and hit with it, but the status condition doesn’t seem to appear. Anyone know what might be causing this or any fixes?

I have the following patches installed:

Below is a dropbox link to .ups:

And just to be clear none of this is changed:

Please read this.

The four wands Silence, Sleep, Berserk, and Nightmare also need to be set additionally.
IER will disable the potency of these wands if this field has an initial value of 0.

To reproduce the vanilla behavior, you will need to set it to the following values, although it is tedious.
Silence 53
Sleep 52
Berserk 54
Nightmare 52

The same can also be said for the DancerRing.
Vanilla doesn’t use these items, but if you want to use them in your work, you will need to set them up with additional IER.