Shin's Stuff - Mostly Emblem-Anims

Hi everyone, I’m just going to make this the hub for all my creations.

Blog - I’m making an organized blog mostly focused on english-based descriptive guides of how to functionally use FEBuilderGBA as I continue my hand-edits of the english text. I’d prefer to receive all feedback in this FEU thread so I can improve the blogs/answer questions/and chat with people about the off-topic topics. The goal is for this to be a bunch of laser focused posts that make it easy to navigate to the sections that you need help with. Posts will be more active. I’ll be sticking to a weekly Friday schedule from then on unless my schedule goes crazy again.

My blog site is here. But not for long! Wix is a pain and I’ll be moving over to github and continuing the blog once I’m done building the animation repo.

General FE Hacking:





General Layout

Tool Layout and a Backup Reminder

The Character Editor

The Hex Editor


Animation Directory: Graphical Edition


Explore your favorite animations and examine them side by side. Download what you like or add to what you’re missing from previous downloads of the full repo without having to download it entirely or deal with Google Drive’s interface.

v.4 (08/28/2018) - Site is now hosted on heroku and is integrated with a database. Some slower loads, but functionality will be better overall. Many areas have been cleaned up and the app is mobile-friendly now. Anims viewable through Flier.

v.05 (07/23/2018) - buttons functional and animations available for download above Cav/Armor. More soon!

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Good job. Looking forward to the more technical aspects. Been using the program for about a month now- was thinking of doing some video tutorials that were more in-depth. Good to see someone else doing so on a different medium

Thanks! I look forward to getting further into the technical side, too. I always really appreciated the text-based guides back in the day and found that they worked best for me because I didn’t have to mess with pause and play. Blazer’s Ultimate Tut was really useful in its day, too, but it’s certainly aged. I’m hoping this can be a little simpler to navigate and digest all broken up into relatively small pieces. We’ll have to see.

Still, video tuts are a great idea and would probably be helpful for a lot of people. :thumbsup:

Bumping because I’d like to amend my newest post on Hex if I’m misremembering. What’s the proper syntax for pointers after the first 16 MB? I swear I’ve kept adding 08 to the final byte in previous projects without issue, but FEBuilder adds 88. Do both work? Am I misremembering and only xx xx xx 89 works? I appreciate it.

*Edit Unintentional bump. Accidentally wrote first MB instead of first 16 MB

The rule is to add 0x08000000 to your offset. 0x1000000 becomes 0x9000000, 0x01234567 becomes 0x09234567, and in little endian 67 45 23 09.

Thanks, still curious why the other way of writing didn’t cause a bug, but I’ll update my blog accordingly.

On that note, a general update as summer has eaten my time away. I’m going to move the website over to a gitpage blog because… well, I really hate WIX. It’s slow and coarse and gets everywhere.

In the meantime, I built a website for individually downloading graphics from the Graphics Repo. Currently, I’ve only inserted gifs and downloads for sword and lance infantry. Should be useful for anyone that doesn’t want to download the full repo but wants a few animations.

Link here:


Now that is a slick interface. Tell me how I can help.

As a suggestion for the site, it seems the buttons are all toggles, but appear to be more like switches graphically. Perhaps have a visual representation for when they’re on and off as opposed to just when they’re pressed.

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Thanks–I should probably update the readme because that’s definitely in the books. Right now I would call this beta v.05, and I’m mostly just trying to get all the animations in objects and get my arrays all full so it’s functional at a baseline level.

There’s some other areas of pain that I’ll be tackling at a date TBD, too. Because I wanted to make it data-friendly, the javascript file is a lot more bloated than I want it to be. I haven’t tested how initializing all the objects on load would affect performance, but it would allow me to clean up the code a ton. Either way, I’m probably also going to integrate a (hopefully free and not slow) database for the anim images and anim object data and trim that down to a single function call once I’m more happy with it.

@Klokinator I’m not entirely sure atm. If/when I move the data to a separate db it’d probably be useful to give a few people access to help keep it up to date. Other than that, I’m happy for any feedback. Someone with an artistic flair could make an fe10-style icon for animations that lack unarmed data. Something like a fist with a big X over it maybe. I’d need it in gif format and ideally 18x18px for uniformity with the rest. That’d be a neat way to solve my problem of not being able to identify animations lacking those right now.

~One month later~

Big updates to the animation viewer. I have everything from the repo (and a few extras) uploaded up to “Fliers”. The design saw a fairly decent overhaul…

(I honestly don’t remember how to hide these properly…) Now you can click a weapon icon to view that specific animation for every animation and each of their weapons!

and most of the important data is now stored in a database. It’s also fairly mobile friendly–check it out!

Once I finish catching up to all the awesome new animations I haven’t added yet, I’m planning on releasing a side app for updating and interacting with the database so that anyone with permission can upload new animations and take the burden off my shoulders.

At the current moment please don’t use this to download tons of animations. Just use the main repo for that. I’m using a free hosting service and would rather not risk the app getting data restricted. As a side effect of this, some animations will take longer to load than others. I’ll add some visual feedback in the next update, but just know that if you clicked it, something’s coming. Till the next update…

Link here:


Good job man!

Hey man, do you have Discord? I have a server for you to join so we can work together on the website and repo simultaneously for the 1.0 release.

For sure.

~3 months later. Probably about time for an update. To make up a number probably v.9. We’re gettin’ there boys.

Weapons Galore

Classes and More!

The site now populates with a slightly customized version of klok’s repo (some name changes and limited to animations) along with all the animations I’ve been able to find that weren’t a part of it or have been published since the last repo update.

There’s currently a hard limit of 3600 class searches an hour, after which point the site won’t function for the rest of the hour. But I’m guessing that shouldn’t be a problem for now.

If you just want to download the whole modified repo (-spells currently) click here.
I’ve also added a small repo for works that were deemed unfit for the live page. Access that here.

I’ve considered creating a patreon to cover website costs so that the site can run on a paid server/have a unique domain. Exceeding those costs would also provide incentive for me to update the site and continue adding features. If you’d consider being a patron for a server or updates, please respond to let me know so I can determine if setting it up is worth the effort. Otherwise, it’ll stay on the lite server for now.

Any other feedback, you know what to do.

Edit: In my tiredness I forgot to link to the live site again. Thar she blows~


C-C-C-Combo Time. In a more FE hacking related vein, I’ve zipped up all the maps I made for my probably never to be complete FE6-7 Combo hack. A decent number of these changes were made prior to the release of the PLIST splitter for FEB and were done to reduce the amount of tilesets needed. Others are more custom. All free to use and modify of course.

FE7 Modifications

Ch1 Remade in an FE8 tileset

Ch3 Same, added water to replace impassable terrain

Ch29x A R E N A B O I S

FE6 Remakes

Ch3 Generic Tileset

Ch 5 Generic Tileset w/ gate gone

Ch 6 More Carpet

Ch7 Compatible with FE8 Tileset

Ch 8 Added a jail route to Ostia

Ch9-10A Combo

Ch11A more generic Tileset

Ch12’s on Fire! Darn Dragons.

Ch13 Compatible with FE8 Tileset

Ch 14 treasure outlines and less slow desert

18-19A Combo

20B Diff Tileset

Final + Tower combo / Final

Final + Tower Combo revealed.

Download here.

Edit: Preview led me astray. Reformatted, but descriptions of chapters are all below the images and I’m too lazy to edit agian. Thanks ya’ll.


Preface: don’t ask me why I did this. I can only plead insanity. I do have good rips of the animations for the repo now, at least.

I cleaned up FE7if and partially translated the most important menu stuff. Animations are set to the correct base palette now and the weapon icons table has been properly expanded. All character names and weapons have been translated to english. All FEBuilder-noted errors were removed why god why. There should be plenty of free space now if anyone wants to pursue a full translation, implement any other fixes, balance it, etc.

Apply this UPS to a FE7(J) ROM. Don’t ask for help finding it in this thread, please.

Download here.


Fairly large update today. Along with the standard additions of all new animations, I’ve added search functionality to Emblem Anims!

Now you can search by name (the description) or author to find animations without needing their class. Your favorite author’s stuff is much easier to find now. Names don’t have to be full and aren’t case sensitive, either. Pik will grab Pikmin, Yeti will grab…


Lastly, I’ve been working on the repo quite a bit lately. Credit for most map sprites and class cards has been added, and I have google drive set to autobackup and populate from my folders, so these will always be up to date within seconds of corrections and updates. I’ve added a few things like free to use maps and added a “Tools” section so that newbies can get a faster start with hacking (FEBuilder and EA are emphasized) and no more 404’s. This link is the same as the download all button from my site, so I may as well throw it here:

Finally, (and as always) special thanks to Klok and the rest of the repo discord server. Ya’ll are helpful af.


no need to grab me, just talk