Shin's Stuff - Mostly Emblem-Anims


so i just tried to DL an animation and it didn’t let me and when i refreshed the page this came up instead of the repo

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It’s back now for me.

EDIT: …Aaaaand it’s gone again.


After reviewing the logs, I think we may be hitting the bandwidth cap for that hour lol. It resets every hour though. I just crossposted to Serenes a day or two ago (and the search feature was just added) so traffic may have risen. Hopefully just temporarily. let’s just pray reddit doesn’t get their hands on it.

I may have to look into paid hosting.

Edit: Nevermind. I looked into it more and I borked the download button. Though it’s not borked on the non-live version. Troubleshooting time.

Edit 2: Okay, so I didn’t bork it. Something funky’s going on in node or my zip tool. I reverted everything to a time when it was working and the download function still isn’t working. The app won’t crash anymore from attempted downloads, but I can’t figure it out tonight. For the time being, I’d recommend downloading from drive and using the app to decide preferences. I’ll put in some more work and ideally have a new download codebase up before the start of next week. Sorry folks.


Huzzah! The problem was Heroku and not me but actually. Downloads are back up and there’s still time for me to enjoy my weekend. For anyone into technical details, Heroku changed the way their file pathing works and it didn’t like my download folder, so I had to implement process.cwd() and move the downloads out of their prior folder. And it only took me about 15 attempts to figure out -_-

Happy hacking.


Update: I’ve included a new search functionality in the nav bar.



Space-separated words will now search any field. I’ve converted the old search into a “detailed search” method that I’ll be hiding behind a toggle or something before too long. I also added class to it, because why not?


Finally, I did two things to the anims: I moved some elements around to display the loading screen sooner, and I resized the elements, especially for mobile. Now things should be easier to click/touch when on small view (and a little bit easier on large, too!)

Small View

All the anims of last week will likely be added later tonight.


Suggestion: Maybe a changelog?

Think it’s a little hard to find new animations when they’re just dumped into the pile without documentation.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I dig it and agree!

Site’s updated and I should have more time coming up. Let the feature creep resume.

As a site note, after a conversation with Arch, I’ve decided to style it more similar to how FEU is styled. This way the transition can be more smooth. Let the style creep begin.

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Just putting the site-specific portion of my post in the repo thread over here:


Skills! This is an option under magic (because there’s no better category in the navbar currently). Like everything else, they animate on click and we’ve amassed all the f2u options around (shoutout to @Mikey_Seregon for his recent contribution that spurred this addition). These are also available in the drive under Animations/8. Skills.

Progress on the next major site update is ongoing~


Nothing too huge, but I decided to tackle the issue of not knowing what’s new since a few people have asked over the months.

The home content header now has a little button on the right that pulls up all Anims uploaded in the last week. More specific time-based searching will be incorporated into the detailed search at some point, but hopefully this helps some people for now!

Here’s an example of some of what it pulls for this week!



Happy father’s day. All spells now are re-exported from their original dls with the new CSA engine. The end result is much larger spell boxes that should make viewing spells easier and more useful. There’s some garbage data below the rendered space for some feditor anims, but it doesn’t change their in-game performance.

Happy hacking.