Share/compare/critique class tree concepts

Filed under: “If skills were a thing in GBAFE/if I switched to FEXNA.” This is basically the planned tree for Exalted Legacy, minus the skills (for now…). Mostly borrowing some 7x classes to diversify the selection. But Zweihanders can go Stahlfaust/Swordmaster so this is already the best class tree you’re ever gonna have.

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My tree features!

-Assumed 25 cap for T1’s, and a maximum of 40 cap for T2’s
-Combination of all known FEditor, gba, gcn, etc classes that have been animated in the GBA style, plus a couple new ones (Like the Swashbuckler)
-Detailed skill lists
-HOVER over almost anything to get a detailed look at how it functions, particularly skills and class names.
-Assumed MP system along with (unfinished) magical skill implementation
-Summoners with new utility and Wizards having the ultimate skill. Dark magic is badass once again!

I also have an “Occult Scroll” type skill system for T1’s and T2’s where using either the Veteran or Elite Emblems will give a unit their class’s Special Skill.