Seeking playtesters for my FE 8 Wild Mode Hack

I really appreciate that the FEU discord server has people willing to test my hack, but the problem is they can only play so much of a hack and the no. of chapters for each streaming session, that it either leaves me to request for chapter to chapter per stream if it gets long and while the feedback I get is definitely good.

I’d like some frequent feedback from players willing to test my hack. I’ll keep in some deadlines for chapter to chapter nothing too stringent, it’s just to keep some semblance of progress.

Besides me obviously, because playtesting your own hack gets you used to the point where you get used to playing it for the most part.

If you are willing to playtest my hack, please join the discord server in the link down below:

Deadline is probably a month or two for each route, right now Ephraim route is done.

Just in case you don’t know what wild mode is, it’s basically a redux patch for FE 8.

Modifications are:

Skill system

Roughly around +20 growths to most stats on enemies.

Extra hit on enemies.

QoL changes

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What is the idea of WIld Mode?

It’s a redux hack of FE 8 with well skill bloat and increasing enemy growth rates and hitrates.

Here’s the FEU page:

I could do a let’s play…

Can you send me your discord id, I’ll invite you to my server.

I’d really appreciate a let’s play.

Maybe send me your youtube channel too.

My friend’s working on the latest release so feel free to wait or play the current version.

I’m currently going to edit the video

I’ll be putting a new patch today or tomorrow , and I’ll be looking forward to the video

my internet sucks so its taking longer than usual