Seeking people for remixing FE 8 midi music

I’m darknight 97 and I’m working on my FE 8 Redux hack or rebalance hack, redux is more accurate since it’s not exactly what I’d call a balanced game.

What I’d want to request is if anyone is willing to remix player phase and enemy phase music of FE 8 to make it sound a bit different from the vanilla versions.

For example making distant roads sound a bit lonely, nostalgic or making the determination ost which sounds idk more determined or ephraim has some resolve.

Tldr: I’d like people to make music a bit different and yet fit the overall theme of the what the title means.

Because I believe music has the potential to make games and life interesting and I’d like my hack to be a bit more interesting too.

I can’t really pay you cash but if you are making a hack and need a playtester or lp’er for feedback, I’d be willing to play one or two maps on my not so great youtube channel or if you just want feedback I’d be willing to give that too basically if you want any fire emblem related videos either lp’s, unit analysis or tierlists I’ll make them for you.

I’ll definitely credit you so leave your name and the song’s name either in the file or mention it while you post it.

My discord id is darknight#4288

Discord server for my hack can be found here:

FEU page for my hack can be found here:

The songs I’d like to be remixed are:
Distant roads
Shadow of the enemy
Binding Vow
Powerful foe
Follow Me!
Rise Above
Truth, Despair and Hope
From the darkness
Land of Promise
Twisted Shadows A
Confront the past
Twisted Shadows B

try simply changing the instruments for certain voices

you could also make some parts an octave higher or lower to give it a new register and sound. Very easy to do on an entire voice in anvil studio.

Those are the quickest / easiest edits I can think of that will vary it up a little bit

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To be fair I could consider doing a song or two as I have a fair bit of experience with composing. Doing anything proper would take a fair bit of work though.

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Feel free to join in, I have memetzar as one of my musicians. I guess that having another one wouldn’t hurt