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Hey guys

I’ve been romhacking for about half a year, so I’m capable of building a romhack from scratch. Problem is, I’m searching for a crew to develop an amazing romhack with (as a hobby/passion project). More specific: an artist capable of designing portraits, a music artist responsible for music and potentially another rom hacker for basic hacking (mapmaking, FE Builder stuff, …).
I am looking for a team as the hack I’m working on currently won’t reach it’s potential I fear, due to having repo portraits, essentially not feeling very custom.
I’m also interested in joining a project that’s already in development if there’s people out there looking for help!

Proof of Work / Resume
My Solo WIP Hack

[FE8] [WIP] Fire Emblem: Arcane Chronicles (Public Alpha)


Screenshot 2023-06-21 191627

If you have any questions about my capabilities, please feel free to message me here on FEU or on discord: yungpatron

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Some people help out with the occasional thing for pokemblem, but I could always use more help

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What kind of help you looking for?

More people will be interested if you’d post screenshots and even then people don’t usually join projects, especially any “permanent” team members. Check out the graphic repo or commission some portraits is my recommendation for portraits, art takes time and I don’t think people will spend all their time making art for a project that doesn’t even have screenshots posted.

That’s what I’m getting at, I want to create a project with the artists, where they have participation in the project, they can choose characters etc… Also didn’t I mention why I don’t want to use the repo? Custom characters make a hack stand out I feel like.
I have some ideas, but no perfect story written out for people to join into, I was thinking about writing a story together.

Thanks for your answer though!

yeah and how will you attract those artists

like theghostcreator said, more people will be interested if you post any of your work

all the more reason to post your work, we need to see your uh idk resume? gallery? any proof of whatever you made

good luck tho btw


Thanks for the reply, I’ve added some maps I’ve made, not sure what else to add.

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This isn’t always a good thing, that’s less information for artists to go off of. Spriters aren’t necessarily writers, or are even interested in writing themselves. And some people just want an existing character to make art of.

It’s harder to commit to an idea than an existing, even if bad, character art.

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Am I correct if what you’re getting at means that I should develop a full-fledged story first, then ask for people willing to help me out with art/design?

Thanks for the reply aswell!

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Not necessarily. Just solo dev until people notice and want to help out. You can’t really expect to assemble a team of people that are just as passionate as you are for YOUR project without a hook to get it started.

Also, it might be personal bias since I worked on my hack alone, but more people isn’t always better. The more people you bring, the more people that want a say in the story, and that can make conflict when people want contradictory things that can’t be together. That can make people stop working and suddenly the team is missing a limb. You really want a solid base to know what can or can’t be in to save headache later.

You’re asking for people to invest significant time in your project, you have to respect that time with well defined rules so people know what they’re signing in for.

Or commission ig, people don’t have to be invested in a project to deliver good art.


But what about the telephone method. Call of the Armor and Bells of Byelen did that and any known hacking member within the FE community took part of it. Is there a difference to it?

You know of the successful ones, doesn’t mean they all worked out. CotA and BoB were made by a group of friends who knew each other before they started the project so that strengthened the dev team. This isn’t quite the same.

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yeah CotA and BoB were also built to experiment with a format (ie telephone as a dev method) or a gameplay idea (ie Thracia mechanics) versus the same sort of motivation that typically precedes a solo work.

It was inherently a decentralized product, versus something like “here’s my hack idea, story, and characters, and now I need help building it.” – the format gave everyone some degree of ownership, which may cause issues with the end product, but does give folks incentive to actually contribute and launch the hack. But even as a lead, you relinquish almost all of the control when building this way. You can’t be picky about the outcome in the way you would be with a solo project.

Art is the easiest part of a hack to change and adjust throughout development, but also requires skill and time to execute well. In general, people won’t sign up to support your idea without having something to play first and also to get a sense of how you work as a developer/lead on a project.

Vision Quest I started by myself and got a lot of help along the way once I had something to show. People don’t want to see their contributions go to waste, and people don’t want to contribute to something that they don’t personally like, so making a demo, even if very rough aesthetically, will help show you’re for real and are committed to making something. I know I would’ve gotten nothing done had I not started myself, and the lion’s share of the work fell to me even when I had people help – it’s the nature of a “solo” project.

In general, I’ve noticed a trend away from “true” group projects where a handful of people focus on different aspects of the same project and instead there are more efforts with a lead who gets ad hoc help from different folks as needed.

This is likely because of how much easier it is to get started now than it was in the times before Builder and Buildfiles, but also because the community’s much more open about sharing. I’ve contributed to many different projects over the years (mostly with playtest feedback on early builds or music) but would be hesitant to call myself part of the “crew/team” for any of them.

That said, my advice would echo Scraiza’s: Start working on it yourself, release scrappy demos, get feedback, iterate, and ask for help when you need it. Visuals can be addressed later and rework is part of the process.


Thank you so much for the detailed help. Really appreciate getting feedback from 2 master rom hackers whom’s hacks i’ve deeply enjoyed playing. I’m keeping everything you said in mind and will come back to the forum with more to show :slight_smile:


Hello - I’m pretty busy nowadays, but I can offer to help with your project. I have no prior experience. Not an artist, musician, and I’d need to learn ROM hacking. But I could playtest, or help with small beginner tasks. I’d be learning as I go.


Please add me on discord, playtesters are always good to have!