Salutions my freaky people! I'm reaching out for help and clever minds!

Hi! Kinda late but whatever.

I’ve been dipping my toes on FEHacking for the last three days at an steady rate, but I’m starting to find walls mostly thanks to my inability to code in ASM and most tutorials requiring you to know at least a little bit of C++, which I don’t.

I´m on a pilgrimage through FEU to find the most knowledge I can and create an FE game I can be satisfied with, which is pretty damn hard.

If anyone wants to participate, I’ll try to post constantly different kinds of questions and concepts.

It’s a pleasure to join this… peculiar, sometimes unforgiving, yet kind and reliable community!

Non-Related Footnote: Fates might have one of the weakest stories so far, but I’d be lying if I said Conquest maps weren’t a blast! For Nohr! Who’s with me!?


Welcome! We’re happy to have you!

Keep in mind that walls don’t have to stop you, all it takes is a bit of creativity or learning and you can walk around those walls or break right through them.

It really depends on what you want to have in a hack as there are a huge amount of possibilities in the base game itself you just need to use the tools the game gives you in creative ways.

If you really want to make your own hack i would suggest downloading FEBuilder and playing around with it for a while. Get a feel for the program and then go from there.

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My pleasure. Thanks for the advice!

I’m already acquainted with every non-ASM tool around here, but still I’m not tech-savvy enough to use them in creative ways… Yet!

As you’ll see after checking my threads, my ideas aren’t all that otherwordly, but some of them have indeed lots of variables, thoughts and issues on them. If you or someone you know has any contribution, I’ll be really thankful.

Welcome, Its always pretty nice to see a new face.

I’ll be sure to squeal later down the line but that doesnt matter.

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hello there, hope you have a pleasant time.

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A like very well earned my man. Very well.

Not sure where you’re looking for guides, but I’d direct you here:

Tequila’s guide and various related docs are the sum total of everything I’ve ever needed, no prior programming knowledge required

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Thanks! Never thought of searching on drafts.