Sacred Stones with Child Character(s?)

Welp already bored of this. Goes up to the route split for most of it, Eirika’s choices are complete though.
Since I’m a certain sort of lazy all pairings are chosen on a chapter you would technically have both characters (Being dead/not currently in the party doesn’t matter)

To reiterate, as this is just a proof of concept I did up for fun and wasn’t intended to be a full hack, I just wanted to see if I could make child characters that could change depending on chosen parents specifically in a single character slot each and pretty much got it, so that’s my curiousity dealt with for now.

As with the skills as growths the only way I can think to do palettes for everyone would be rather inefficient, that is to use the custom animation things, so a separate animation for everyone entirely for hair colour or something. Or you could just do what Holy War does and not have different hair colours to denote the opposite parent but that’d be boring.

This could of course be used for a Holy War like thing with a proper generation 2, but I did it this way because I’m highly lazy and just wanted to try to play with something fun with the least effort possible. On to the next distraction (or i should get back to any other project).

There’s text files for stuff to reference off of if you want to screw around and complete this, but eh. Would be nice to see use of a generation 2 done in a finished hack for once.

Just a fun stupid little proof of concept, I probably won’t be doing more with this, but if you want to take a look inside and poke at everything or just flat out use this as a base please feel free to. Here it’s all one character slot, and the ‘father’s’ stats are added via event stuff.

If you want a way to change growths while only using one character slot, the only thing I thought was to have a skill or something for each possible parent based off of Aptitude to add growths or whatever, but that seems highly inefficent unless you’re not actually using skills or something. I dunno if it’s possible to change growths ingame without ASM which I know nothing about.


Judith - MrGreen3339
Micah - XVI
Clio - XVI
Lorcan - Toa
Duncan - Toa
Harriet - Nickt
Saffi - Peerless
Isidore - Toa
Olezka - SSHX
Miriam - SSHX
Irma - Sme
Chrysanthos - Levin64
Joel - XVI
Letitia - MeatOfJustice
Fiadh - SirNicee

Female Summoner - FEGirls, RiriK

Skill System - Circleseverywhere, Monkeybard, Black Mage, Blaze, Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, Teraspark, sd9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1.
Switch Portrait images by class, flag - Scraiza
Set Unit Status - 7743
Toggle New Game Text - circleseverywhere
Skip the event using the opening world map - 7743?
Switch Unit’s description by class, chapter, flag - Runa, 7743
GetSupportLevel, SetSupportLevel, ClearSupportLevel - 7743
Prevent Freeze For Camera Event 0x26 - 7743


My suggestion would simply to have a hub level for you to set the pairings (via Talk conversations) with all the potential parents in vanilla FE8. Then you’d go to the first map and there’d be no story break since which units the player gets has been decided already.

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Was thinking of setting a possible choice thing on chapters a parent would appear (Like, Seth and Eirika in prologue as it is here) but if you select no here and get to chapter… 12? You’ll get another option for Eirika and Saleh instead, but uhhhh…
your idea might work better, aye. I seem to be poking at this more than intended so maybe!

Please no :laughing:

Hey I’ve seen this one!

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Indeed! I just wanted to try this out myself and specifically using one slot per character, hehehe.

First post updated. Seems my attention span did what it does and got bored in one day. Ah well. I dunno if I’ll come back to this but it was fun. I’ll just note again that anyone’s free to use whatever they want from this, but do keep track of credits!


Seth. You are the father!!!

Ps: I’m excited to see what ideas you have on this an am supporting you all the way


Ooh cool

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Oh wow! This seems super cool. When you say inside of a single character slot, do you mean in reference to how the characters are stored with a name, growths, image, etc etc? And you were able to bundle all the info needed to create a child character for a pairing into one slot?

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Aye, sorta! Specifically the character’s slot contains the more basic stuff of a character like their own stats and skills and stuff, then the rest of everything like the proper portraits and descriptions are done via event stuff.

Oh damn, that’s clever! Definitely sounds like a lot of loose ends to keep track of. Do you know of any finished projects with a similar idea of having those child units?

Also, how does the child units thing show up in the main games? I’ve only really played parts of the gba games and some mods. I started three houses church path but stalled out a while back because of school.

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Nope! It’s part of why I was curious enough to try it out myself. The only other I know has even tried this was the one linked by theghostcreator, but that was never released.

In FE4 due to story stuff they replace your cast in the second half of the game, in FE13/14 they’re just added along with them instead like any other recruitable.

What about battle palettes? And on the subject of palettes, I think this could be further optimized by changing the palette of a single portrait - though this might need ASM.

Got bored of it before getting to palettes, I’m an idiot in terms of ASM so no idea there, but as everyone had different classes depending on parents you could probably fit 2 sets of classes with different hair colours (Like, for example, Red haired Cavalier/Paladin Judith and light brown haired Mage/Sage/Mage Knight Judith in the same set of palettes), could also use custom animations to fake having different palettes, as inefficient as that is.

Oh my gosh it’s my thread!

Seriously though, always cool to see stuff like this!


What in the name of sanity did I inadvertently use necromancy by making this.
…Hi zombie.

I’m liking a lot the kids, and the skills also look pretty nice… but I don’t know how to get Amelia and Vanessa’s children
The text didn’t pop up when I recruited Amelia, and also didn’t appear in the next chap…

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Oh! Sorry about that, I just haven’t got around to doing most of them yet

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Oh, that’s fine, I thought it was a bug hahah

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Would be nice to get back to this to get to whatever’s missing, though right now a number of other things take priority.
…would also be nice if i stopped starting new projects. oops.