Sacred Stones Master Quest (Discord server available) (Hack download ready!)

My attempt at adding in some expansive replay for FE8 by messing around with ideas and see what sticks… And this was the result.

Game: It is FE8, but with a few things to twist it up a bit.

Whats new: An ARSENAL of weapons will be added to mix up the game by a good chunk.
I won’t say what weapons there are yet so… secret i guess? Not really.

The idea of Tier 4 classes to increase enemy and play style variety.

Example: Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-09-18 18.06.14

Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-09-18 18.05.53

Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-09-18 18.05.40

(OLD He is nerfed in final release)
Sacred Stones Master Quest Cheated.2020-09-04 23.47.33

Also the tower will have a boss challenge at the end of it for some rewards.
And the ruins is revamped COMPLETELY for one last challenge for the player.

And you will see Me from time to time…

Sacred Stones Master Quest Cheated.2020-09-08 21.07.55

And lastly when the hack is ready I’ll add five challenge flags that you can
activate to increase the difficulty of the hack. (for the REAL brave only!)

One as of right now is called (Nightmare mode).

Nightmare mode: FOG is on at all times and maps with FOG has stronger fog.
And a few extra enemies will spawn to give you a scare, so be careful. Heh heh…

There is a set of secret weapons called the Royal weapons that can only be found by certain units in specific chapters.
Hint: The weapons are found by characters placed in certain tiles. The character in question is either related to the chapter location or recruitment.

Join the new discord if you want.


Cool, i want to try this already :smiley:

seems like a good challange.

I should be specific, the five challenge flags are asked at the start and they will cycle through them
asking which one you want to activate first.
They only cycle once though.

You can use the lords menu patch to display 5 options at once

Pulling from a guide I wrote:






I was having it go to a separate chapter based on your selection. You don’t need to call sub events in this case, you could just FLAG ON 0xYY and use GOTO 9010 with a LABEL 9010 at the end.

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Looks interesting. Joshua with 51 speed and Tier 4 Classes, damn.

I will say this so that in case some one gets confused about class tiers in FE8 (There is at least one person who does) I will make a tiny list of example classes to explain it.

Tier 1: Trainee units :Journeyman: :Pupil: :Recruit:

Tier 2: Standard units :Fighter: :Knight: :Archer:

Tier 3: Promoted units :General: :Paladin: :Sage:

Tier 4: High rank units :Archsage: :Bow Knight: :TrueBlade:

Hope this helps some people.

I wanted to give a little more into what the hack gives so have three sneak peeks of what to expect.

Here is Gilliam with one of the extra weapons he SPAWNS with.
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-17 03.28.03

Here is the Master skill of the Trueblade class. Expect the horror of the enemies having these.
Sacred Stones Master Quest Cheated.2020-09-18 18.05.59

And lastly, the arena enemies are treated as bosses of their own.
Beefed up with high HP and slight boosted attack power.
Good luck killing these guys.
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-17 03.40.30

By the gods! I just came up with another challenge flag for this hack!

I call it (Green Royals!)

Challenge: When this flag is active, your two main lords will be forced to become Green units.

How to clear maps with certain conditions:

Route: Self-explanatory.

Seize: When the boss is killed, the game will check for boss defeat flag and set their A.I. to stand on Gate or Throne, then check if they are on the objective, it will end the map. (If this don’t work then I’ll set them back to blue when the boss is killed.)

Survive: Self-explanatory.

Defeat boss: Self-explanatory.

Your lords will switch back to blue at the end of a chapter then gives them 2 levels to keep up with the game.
They stay blue for the battle preps, but once you begin the battle, they become green again.

This will happen on any map period, yes, even tower and ruins.

Also both lords are forced deployed.

Good luck… you will need it… big time.

Also feedback and thoughts on challenge ideas is welcome!

P.s. The green lords AI will be set at this default: Chance of action 80% : Move towards enemy : Retreat when hp is below 50% : When unit can’t harm the enemy, they won’t bother attacking that enemy.


Everyone knows the mandatory gaiden chapter 5x right?
This slow slog of a chapter…
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-21 04.23.19

Well… I just made it better, here you go.
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-21 04.34.10

But anyways, I wanted to announce a Beta test patch of the hacks progress will be out shortly.
Those who want to be the testers for it, will have to ask me, then I’ll give the patch only to a select few.

Also, I have a new challenge flag to bring up.

It is called (Curse of Pride)

Function: When enabled, it will spawn more enemies at the start and after a few turns, extra enemies
will appear as well as a chance of a few stronger enemies.
And enemies with droppable loot will be replaced with an enemy without one and with different weapons to boot.
Also completely different monsters in monster only chapters.
Another challenge for the brave.

Wait for it soon.

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Your doing great Colm, keep up the good fight…
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-22 03.31.27

Out of the four variants of the Knight animations in the graphics repository, you choose the worst one?

Why not use the Team SALVAGED Knight?

Or the FE10-style Knight?
Lance (1)

Or even just the vanilla one?
Lance (2)

Unless you’re using all three of these other animations for different classes, choosing that weird DS-style knight mostly just looks bad.

(You can find the animations for the other three, including alternate weapons, at

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I agree with you, but maybe he just likes the ds style one better?

All right, progress is going well. I just need to add one weapon set and test the challenge flags
before releasing the Beta test patch to the testers, but before I do i just came up with a fun and
VERY rewarding challenge flag for you guys.

Name: Gorgon daycare.

Function: When this flag is on, a Player Gorgon egg will spawn at the start of the game,
and it is your job to take care of it, for if it breaks… GAME OVER.

It is forced deployed on all chapters, but if you make it to Two faces of evil, the game will place it on an
egg trap space, and will begin hatching the egg.
When successful, you will get a gorgon on your team as a reward.
but if it survives till turn 20, something will happen…
What is it? Find out yourself.

Good luck!


Time I got an upgrade!
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-26 00.58.23

Credit for those who made this awesome generic king animation:
[Huichelaar] [Obsidian Daddy] [Banpresto] [Seal] [DerTheVaporeon]
[flasuban] [Mobile21] [L95] [Pikmin1211] [blood]

Also… A dark entity is roaming the realm… It’s presence marks an omen for the light…
If you see it… run… run as fast and as far as you can.
It watches… It waits… It sees all… It hungers for all… But most of all…

It waits for YOU…
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.emulator.2020-11-26 00.51.50

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The Beta patch for the testers is almost ready, I just need to test the revamped ruins and it’ll be in
the testers hands then.

To tell a small hint as to how hard the hack is, here is a screenshot of a berserker in Distant blade.
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-28 07.06.21

And here is a sneak peek at some of the added weapons in a new shop type called “Blacksmith”.
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-28 07.09.45

If things goes well the hack should be ready for public download in a matter of days or a week or two.
See you guys soon!

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sweet I’m excited!

As I’m trying to make my way to the ruins, I have this little mini meme to say.

That feeling when the worst character in sacred stones is becoming better than the lv.11 general
And is only a lv.10 knight.
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-28 08.39.33

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-28 08.43.06

Scratch that, she just surpassed him.
Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Quest.2020-11-28 08.50.59
Wtf is this?

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Is their a way to playtest this? I think I saw it but I can’t remember if it was those post or another one. If it’s just as simple as asking I would like to playtest if possible.