[RPG Maker] Revenge of the Cipher Absentees

Once upon a time, Intelligent Systems produced a companion trading card game to Fire Emblem, known as Cipher. However, the game was suddenly cancelled, and several characters were overlooked and never got a card. Moulder, a priest from Frelia, Magvel, took it upon himself to investigate why he was unceremoniously ignored…


Download here!

Happy Halloween. It’s a bit late, but being on time isn’t my thing. I didn’t get the final boss finished, so it may be a bit impossible. You should be able to get to it, though. To be more specific about the RPG Maker, it’s RPG Maker VX Axe. Make sure you have its RTP installed before you play.


Once again, happy Halloween, have a short and funny little RPG Maker thing. Let me know if there’s any bugs. There probably is, I’ve tested bits individually but not everything straight through. Self-imposed deadlines and all that.


Did someone say RPG Maker???

I’ll try to give it a go sometime soon, hopefully! Needless to say, I’m expecting quality equal or superior to Lisa, To The Moon and Ib~