ROM hack LPs by Pandan


Thanks to @A_Reliable_Chair for encouraging me to do this.

After FEE3 2018, I took a liking to recording LPs of projects in the community. As a hack creator and solo developer, getting feedback is incredibly important (and often difficult to get), and seeing someone else play your game while it’s in development is helpful in finding bugs, making fixes, and most importantly, seeing how other people approach your game and the experience they have. However, many projects usually don’t get much publicity or feedback until much later in dev, or until it’s complete.

I started up a YT channel recently where I record LPs and playtests specifically to showcase WIP ROM hack projects, and partner with the creators and dev teams to share feedback and record gameplay. I also occasionally will play older projects and completed ROM hacks as well to mix it up.

I’ve been toying with the idea of expanding into other areas too, namely LPing mainline games in a similar format, as well as videos around topics like map design, and interviews with project leads to talk about their experience and share insights w/ the community at large. We’ll see if I get around to this.

Chair encouraged me to share these here, so I will use this thread to post my archives and updates. I likely will not update this post with regular video uploads (there are a lot), but will post new LP playlists and archives of prior runs.

If you’re interested in having me playtest/LP your project, let me know here or shoot me a DM. I’m not particularly strict on which games I choose to record, but I generally want to work directly with the project creators since I want to ensure the feedback is constructive and collaborative, and actually being heard. Similarly, I prefer to record a version that either is about to release or recently released, versus something that is about to be outdated by a new version with fixes.

Channel Link

Let’s Plays

Base Conversations // Hack Creator Interview Series

Map Design

Other Videos:

Strongly encourage you to follow the threads and join their project discords as well! Many of these projects have been updated since my recordings and most are still in active development.

Thanks all - enjoy!


Dan does a great job of giving feedback in his videos, if you’ve got a project on the go I’d highly recommend reaching out to him for an LP!

He even does unit reviews at the end, which was super helpful for balancing.

On top of that, the LP's frequently have a co-host!

It’s his cursor. The cursor is the co-host.


I know not of this co host you speak of, Dan clearly plays on the original GBA hardware


He hooks a mouse up to the GBA, duh.


Major respect for doing this. We need more ROM hack LPers out there.


First episode of “Base Conversations” with Bloopy, creator of Faith and Blood!

Playlist up in the description.


Liked for thumbnail of Doug the vulnerary salesman


Tried something new - streamed myself making maps.

Stream features the cursor in action.


Glad to see you finally put the cursor to use!


Souls of the Forest is finished. Had a great time with it, playlist link is updated. Thank you, @Scraiza !

Getting started with Scourge of Proxima tomorrow, which should take us through the end of the month. First post is updated, but won’t have anything public until tomorrow.


First video for Scourge of Proxima is up! Playlist link here: - Will be uploading this throughout the week.

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Have a new LP starting up - Death or Glory by NYZGamer.

Progress is slow with FE16 and a few other things with work/life keeping me busy, so expect uploads to slow down a little bit over the coming weeks.

First post is updated, and here is a link to the Death or Glory playlist