Retro Garbage

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For a time I’ve not done anything, I only have watched the Repository and I found this folder:

And here are a lot of old Animations Unfinished so I decided to try to finish some of this. If I will reach which this be working I will publish in this topic or on my Youtube Channel.

Original Files
Unformatted Sheets - Google Drive

Fonts Finished

  • Mystic Knight
  • Erika Lance
  • Vaati Mag
  • Red Mage (from FF IV)



The first attempt I’m going to show you is an animation of Eirika with a lance based on the Sprite Sheet created by “Princess Kilvas”, this includes the map sprites.

Eirika Spear (by Princess Kilvas)

Ike T2 (by JPN?)

Blue Mage (by Linkain)

"Mystic Knight [F]" Also works like a "Roy Female"

Vaati Mage [M]

Map Sprites

Lord [F][Eirika] (Lance) (by Princess Kilvas)
T1LRD Lord (F) (Eirika) Lance StandingT1LRD Lord (F) (Eirika) Lance Moving

Vaati Sage (by LordSiravant, Spritetrooper)
T2 Sage (Vaati)(M) Walk
T2 Sage (Vaati)(M) Stand


I guess, will put this here.
The next is a portrait of Vaati “The Wizard of Winds” from “The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap” based on the portrait that is included in the VAATI SAGE SPRITE SHEET by LordSiravant and Spritetrooper.
Vaati Wizard of Winds
Vaati v2Vaati

Akayima Furry (by Velvet Kitsune)
Furry Akiyama

Cath (edit) (by Shin19, ReykRS, Unknown)
Cath Rework (FE8 Colors) {Shin19, ReykRS, Unknown}

Files Zone

You can get all this at the next link (except the things I’m working on):

Retro Repo - Google Drive


And now we have a Brigand using a jacket. I used the Sprite Sheet made by RenOokami and Lord Wolfram.

A Brigand with a Jacket. The next Jacket Myrmidon is about to come. Now, all we need is a Jacket Berserker and we got a duo of both Brigand and Myrmidon.

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Maybe I could try that.

Oh no, I see Eirika with a lance and now I wanna remake Voids Blitzarre Adventure

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NGL those animations looks pretty solid

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Very well, now I have here more.
Furry Akayima; it’s a portrait included in the Sprite Sheet “Furry Akayima” created by Velvet Kitsune.
Furry Akiyama

Only left the attack with a Hand Axe, but this does not have Sprite Sheet so I will do it since 0.

I just finished this using the sprite sheet made by Linkain, I only didn’t the magic attack (may later):


Blue Mage (Bow)


Blue Mage Unarmed


Sniper Mage. I didn’t think of seeing a combo like this on FE, feels unique at its source. Hope that the animation will get a nice polish in the near future.

This thread is really cool! you should release some of these formatted goodness if possible!

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I wanna do that, but I’m having some problems at the moment with importing the files to FEB, IDK.
When all this works I will publish links with them.

Hey! i formatted a sheet from that guy too! look! female roy

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It’s great.

And now, guys/girls, see the portraits working.

And now we have a pair of Links, this way you could get or see what I’m doing. @Enjin this could be of interest to you.

The first link (called Working) is for the things in progress. The Second (called Woks) is for the things that are working.

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I leave this here. It’s only a Template for Battle Animations, I needed this so I created it; I hope this will be helpfull for you.
Battle Frame Template


I did rework this.


Lance v1

Lance v2

If you compare with the first version can watch how Eirika teleports a little in that version, but now with the v2 that does not occur.

Eirika Lance (Walk Edit)
And now this is working. If you believe which you could better this go, I’m accord with you edit it.

EDIT 03/12/21:
Added a new rework

Eirika Lance (Jump Edit)

[T1][LRD][Eirika-Base](Lance)[F] - Google Drive

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My next work going to be this:

Thanks, @Enjin, because you formatted it now only I have to import and test it.

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