Request: Help with Miscellaneous Graphics for Midnight Sun!

Hey there!

As you may know, Midnight Sun’s development is proceeding quite fast. We have a release date scheduled in December-January and that will contain approximately 15 new chapters, until the end of the game.

As such, we’re in need of help for the following graphical areas, since our spriters can’t take all of those tasks by themselves. Would you help us, kindly?
You can take up one or more of the following:

  1. Menu graphics
    The menu graphics still are the ones from vanilla FE8. If you’re good at making new interface graphics, we’d be honoured to have your help. Being able to work with TSA may be helpful, too.

  2. Cutscene Graphics (CGs)

As recently discovered, there’s a way to insert CGs in FE8. It’d be awesome to have scenes with CGs in MS! If you can make them, and are willing to help, please contact us.

  1. Character Fullbodies (Intro Movie)

When you access the game, the first thing you see is Ephraim’s fullbody… would you like to make fullbodies for the characters in MS? We can edit those now.

Thanks for reading! Even if you won’t be able to help, we wish to bring you the most epic hack possible.

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This is genuinely exciting! I imagine though that if you don’t get any character submissions, you can just disable the intro movie?

We can’t disable it altogether, but with some research it may be done.
Those fullbodies are just images, you can even see them in GBAGE.
So, I’m confident someone sooner or later will take the task. Regina has already made fullbodies for Shiori and Faratrass, so there are 3 characters left. Rya, Valpurga, and Kalos. If the last two don’t ring a bell, don’t worry. They’re a princess and a prince you’ll find in Shiori and Faratrass’ routes respectively.

Nice, can’t wait to see the newish intro. (I think I recognize Valpurga)

Actually we can! Gryz figured out how to skip the check for A/B/Start, and I’ve used it to skip the intro as well as the Sacred Stones titles when making a new game.


Oh wow, I can even skip the new game cutscene? Thank goodness!
As for the music, I suppose that making that music slot blank will do the job, since it’s autoplayed or something.
Thanks again, @circleseverywhere!

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I think I could draw some GCs if you give me some details about the scenes you have in mind. Hope you didn’t mind that I alway draw the old fashion way by hand and scan it afterwards. Also I need to know what kind of style you have in mind, thats important for the choice of colour. Also I would need a couple of days for it.

I really hate to give up a music slot, especially one that’s in the sound room. So change the 03 at $C4A0C to 00 (or whatever music slot). And god damn that was annoying to trace.


@Sephie Thanks a lot! So you draw the scenes by hand and then you scan them. Do you also edit them after in digital form? There are some colors limitation and other stuff you have to take in account when making CGs for a GBA game. Anyway, if you’re ready, just give me confirmation and I’ll send you a PM with the details! :smiley:

@circleseverywhere Hooooly nuts, your help is super appreciated as always! I can’t believe you managed to track that down. Awesome job!
Are all of the songs in the sound room in that area? Because that would also mean we could customize the array and make a custom sound room.
But that may just be wishful thinking; I suppose FE8 is way more complex than that when it comes to the sound room.

The sound room is the first 0x42 entries in the song table, plus 0x46 (Epilogue) at the very end. My change doesn’t fix the sound room, it changes what song will play during the intro. Change it to 0x0, and you won’t have to blank out 0x3.

Oh I see. I derped
Well, thanks for all the information and the awesome fix! ^^

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But… you can expand the sound room easily…

Oh. Well, now you don’t have to.

@AlfredKamon Yeah I’m more the tradional artist who’s thinking that hand made things have more soul than digital stuff. But if needed I can also edit the scenes afterwards via pc, that shouldn’t be a problem.
I’m ready at anytime xD

Sending you a PM right away, then! :smiley:

@circleseverywhere What are the color limitations for CGs? 16 colors? IIRC there was a way to bypass that.

64 colours iirc? FEditor has the CG Maker which reduces it automatically.

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That’s splendid to know!
Thank you.
Telling @Sephie right away.

@circleseverywhere @AlfredKamon That’s enough for to work :sunglasses:

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