[FE7/8] Skip the intro cutscene


Great! Now we can use music 01 for our own uses.

Gryz has reached GOAT status with this.

Immediately doing this lmfao

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I actually had been meaning to do this for awhile. Arch’s Exalted Legacy update reminded me that I needed to stop being lazy and try it.

Yeah, I think a FE8 version should be possible. However, I am a bit wary of removing the HEALTH AND SAFETY screen. I don’t want anyone to get hurt while playing Fire Emblem.

Based on my research on how to remove the completed game requirement for super fast unit movement, I was able to find where the game read/store button input. I knew pressing A, B or Start ends the intro, so that’s what I looked for. Then I chased code in the debugger for several hours and cried.


This is literally the most important screen to remove. In fact, I’m 90% sure seeing that screen every soft reset is what gave me Cancer.


I swear I remember Ryru mentioning removing the health/safety screen lol

So that would be 02024C78? In FE8 it’s 02024CC4.

“Before playing, read the Health and Safety Precautions Booklet for important information about your health and safety.”
…What booklet? Those don’t even come with ROM patches!


So I didn’t manage to remove the health & safety screen, but you can auto skip it if you nop (write C0 46) at $CC3C4.

Also, to skip the new game opening text in FE8, write C0 46 at $C4928 (it still plays the music for about a second though)

And for the intro cutscene, write C0 46 at $C6714.


Sweet, now I don’t have to be reminded about how TRTR used to be an Elibe hack every time I boot up the ROM. Thanks, Gryz.

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Killer app confirrrrmed.

Seriously, the other day when I finished that opening for Exalted I was musing “man, it’d be great if someone just disabled that intro movie” on skype and lo and behold, Gryz must’ve heard me through the aether and our prayers have been answered. :smiley:

To disable intro replay but keep class roll for FE8: change $9B46 from 01 to 02.


You ought to change the topic title to reflect that you can disable FE8’s as well, and then add the information about FE8 to the OP.

Funny thing - actually the screen doesn’t show on a soft reset, only on a hard reset. Thanks to this I was able to identify how to get rid of it For All Time.

To remove the Health and Safety Screen, at 0xCC20C write 00 00. You’re welcome.

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Is there an easy way to remove the class rolls from FE8? Need to know for a… friend.

I dunno about getting rid of just the class roll, but to make the disable the roll and the intro (ie, remain on the title screen), change C63AD from D1 to E0.

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the troll version of this for fe7 is changing 0x80BC570 to 70 47

Let me guess: that doesn’t let you pass the H & S screen?

its unskippable

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Yer a dick, 'arry.

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heres a patch I slapped together to remove all the intro stuff and just go straight to the menu for fe7