Request for animation packages/creator

who create these animations


<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/a5f17b3585f0f87ad6b9bef449c9780fcd38795f.png" width=“500” height=“500”


Looks like that one was ripped from Metal Flygon’s shaman, but nobody ever formatted it for FEditor iırc.

The “Footman Class” one says who created it right there in the image: Russell Clark from DeviantArt. It hasn’t been formatted for FEditor either.

As for the other ones, I doubt you’ll be able to find the creators or FEditor-ready versions. They look like very typical fan edits.

What’s weird to me is how closely that sprite’s movement resembles a sprite a guy made for me many, maaaaany moons ago. Maybe they used the same bases, idk. Either way, it’s a bland sprite.

What’s sad is how many of those are already formatted. Blue Druid just formatted the male troub/valkyrie so that is cool. The hooded sage is also formatted, and the only decent one worth sheeting is this guy but the colors are so awful and the movement so stiff that it’s really not worth it. The majority will look pretty subpar in a fangame unless they get some serious buffs first.

Actually I take it back, this one is also pretty alright, but we already have better Halberdiers.

i change the Request spend me the soldier script and make one script to is animation and the frames only need script and frames