REDFE - Yes, Roy is in this game


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REDFE is an FE8 (U) hack featuring a lot of red haired characters. Sounds familiar? Yeah, this is inspired by Midori.

Originally, this idea started out as some people throwing around idea’s after playing Midori. We looked at different colors like red, purple, yellow, etc.

Purple did look interesting, but eventually I decided to start up REDFE as a bit of a learning exercise, since I’ve been watching FE hacking for a while, but I’d never really commited to learning.

A lot of these modern tools are real easy to learn and I’ve gotten a ton of support. After I got given my first mug from Tyty, I felt like “hmm, maybe I should actually do this.” So I’m here now.

So far, it looks like we’ll have:

  • A new set of characters. It has Subaki, Dorcas and Radd, so you’ll see the red heads you like. Unless you like Skrimir. Maybe. Roy and Eliwood are your main lords.
  • Writing altered to accommodate our different cast. The plot still follows the general strokes of FE8, but Lyon isn’t our old friend.
  • Newish maps and events. I’m not a great mapper, but I can work events well enough. This is a bit more than a reskin, hopefully.
  • FEU’s skill system is featured in this. That’s an impressive piece of ASM and I intend to put it to use.
  • A level of difficulty higher than FE8. I doubt I’ll change enemy growths that much, but I definitely intend for them to get better weapons.

Demo’s out, it goes up to C7. Prologue is unchanged but 1- 7 are different.

Bluey - Salem, Radd, Saias, placeholder Xane and fixing up many older mugs
Tyty - Anna, Cordelia
Blade - Lena, Lukas, Maria, Subaki
Xigdar - Arvis, Gazelle, Lawson, Saizo, Norris
Peerless - Cain
Squid - Minerva
Atey - Julian
TBA - Etzel
NickT - Kieran
Everyone who worked on the skill system
FEU for helping me learning how to work EA.

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Denizens of FEU, why do you hack?

Sounds like a cool hack! Can’t wait!


Taking a leaf from Green’s book and making out units red, eh? Good to see some solid effort going in. Good luck!


Are the different colored stats representing their growths like FEIV?


Yes, it is.


Keep up the great work!


You should rename the hack something catchy, like Fire Emblem Crimson Road, because the road will be paved red with the blood of red haired waifus.

Or something else. Idk. RedFE seems kinda underwhelming.


Looking :ok_hand::eyes:
@ me if you want some maps done


This is sick, can we get multiple Annas?


Nothing like that planned, that Anna mug is from before I was including 3DSFE and I needed some pegs. So I made her one.


I dunno Klok. Crimson Road sounds like every other FE ROM hack. I’d just call it Crimson, or Scarlet. Or maybe translate red into another language, so maybe Fire Emblem Aka, or Fire Emblem Rojo.


Fire Emblem FireRed


FireRed Emblem.




Scarlet Emblem: Red-Hot Raiders?


Redy McRedy face


Before this thread devolves into The Under, do you have a list of character sprites you still need?




There’s a few I still need, yeah.

  • Saias
  • Minerva
  • Etzel
  • Sully


Could we get a list of who’s getting in or would you rather not spoil it