Red Bean's sprites

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first post. I have compiled most of my works so far, and new works will be updated here.
As always, all my published works are allowed to be edited and used for free, as long as my name is mentioned in the statement. All the animations are not downloaded because I am not used to writing scripts. I am sorry about this.


FE girls(really?)
马可 玛丽卡(头像) 菲儿(头像) 苏1(头像) 莉莉娜(头像) 温蒂(头像) 姬丝(头像) 拉拉姆(头像) 埃肯娜(头像) 埃肯娜(头像)传说 -44a7a60fa003a62d 塞西莉亚(头像) 克莱丽娜(头像)发怒 克莱丽娜(头像) 基内维娅(头像) 米蕾蒂(头像) 珐(头像) 索菲亚(头像) 尼梅(头像) 布露妮亚(头像) 妮诺(头像) 芙罗莉娜(头像) 海克托尔(头像) 马库斯(头像)
瓦尤(头像) 艾玛(头像) 蒂娜(头像) 蒂娜(头像)转职 杰米(头像) 杰米(头像)疯狂
艾尔文(头像) 雪莉(头像) 海恩(头像) 莉亚娜(头像) 拉娜(头像)



QQ图片20170917083507 骑弓琳(剑) 骑弓琳(空手)

celica(normal) celica(normalmagic)

celica celica(magic)

nino nino(no-weapon) nino-staff



埃肯娜(测试)1 埃肯娜(测试)2 埃肯娜(测试)3 埃肯娜(测试)4

larum larum(love-heart) larum_sword2

Cath Cath(no-weapon)

Lilina_magic Lilina_staff Lilina_sword Lilina_axe Lilina_handaxe Lilina_Armads

fir_unarmed fir_sword

Fir_swmu Fir_swmt

bernadetta2_ bernadetta2 bernadetta(doge)

Legendary Legendary_sword Legendary_lance Legendary_unarmed

Original animation

久美子(动画) 久美子staff(动画)

Unfinished or just for fun

幽离(测试) 阿米莉亚
Erike Sonia
War Mage Nor War Mage Crit QQ图片20201008222539

Original characters

幽离(头像) 久美子(头像) 久美子眼镜(头像) 司马芸(头像) 司马绫(头像)修剪 司马绫(头像)修剪2 柳翎(头像) 司马屿(头像) 司马凌云_青年(头像) 司马凌云_壮年(头像) 司马凌云_老年(头像) 赛西露(头像) 卡琳(头像) 苏(头像) 海蕾娜(头像) 小澪(头像)


I am a big fan of your work. Thanks for posting this.

If you take suggestions, I have one. It looks like your are a fan of the GBA FE games. I am too. I think it would be nice to have a battle animation for Nergal that looks like him but is still menacing. That Dark Druid Nergal animation in the game is very strange. :crazy_face:

Thanks for your idea,beccarte.I never considered him before.
I have seen greentea have painted Nergal, but I don’t know if he can finish it. After all, he is very busy at work and life.I don’t plan to touch him for the time being until he can finish it or not.


I like your work. The portraits and animations just look so amazing. It’s always interesting to see, what people are doing with the vanilla GBA FE Charakters.

Fir and Sue are a good examples. In comparison to the Vanilla portraits, your just look amazing. And with the Fir animation it is even better. :smile:

I love what you did with the General Amelia there, goes really well with the Ross-zerker. Thanks again for providing some of my favorite animations I’ve seen yet!

I just wonder, who is the pink hair ranger? Because RedBean usually make personal character custom animation, then the pink ranger must be a character that had already appeared in the fire emblem original game.

She’s Bernadetta from Three Houses.

ngl I thought it was Erk but then I remembered he was a mage and not a ranger.

I though that was Wolf from FE3, but the Horseman class using Sword and Bow, not Lance and Bow

Welcome, comrade.

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Flier Nino’s Staff anim and Bernadetta’s Lance anim haven’t been scripted yet, despite the rest of their anims having been. Nino staff should be easy, but can anyone take up the mantle of doing Bernie’s lance?
Edit: just scripted that staff, link’s in the Repo thread

Your animations are always incredible and they’re really inspiring, I can’t wait to see more from you!

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Thank you.Your sprites are also amazing,like the half bodies for FE6 character. I am looking forward to it.


Oooh, I’d love to see this get finished!


Regarding the General Amelia, I have allowed another painter named 雨刀村正 to finish it. He did a great job. I won’t touch this character until I have a better idea.
Here are his results.


Sword Lance Axe Handaxe Unarmed

Extraction code:1z9n

Mediafire Link:


I think it requires an account to download the file. Unless I am missing something?

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Can you upload that to a site that isn’t… weird? I can’t even access the file and the website is in a different language. I recommend Mediafire, which is easy to use. Even Dropbox would be better…

Edit: Thanks for the Mediafire link!

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I upload it as you suggested,you can try if it works.


It’s in the repo now. Awesome, and thank you!

all animations and faces are amazing i can wait for all new thinks you go made :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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