Random Stuff I Made


Rule 63 Marky Joe, because of conversation I was having with him
So yeah… I did this, for some reason


Here, if anyone wants, I made a full fledged sprite sheet because I hate myself xP (Aside from the chibi picture because I can’t do those)


I can actually do chibi faces pretty well. You want me to make one for you?


Yeah man, that’d be great! Thanks dude


Select mug.
Resize by 50%.
Section off 32x32.
Clean up.


You know NICKT, I normally just manually draw them, and at first I was like "I’m going to just do it my way, and then I stopped and was like : wait, this person is better than I am. I should actually follow their advice and try it out… And what do you know, I think I got it!

Tell me what you think Imperial.


I like it it looks cute.


I expect many people to use this in the next Ragefest (Or whatever he ends up calling it)


Dang dude, really like it! Tried my attempt to make a chibi in art class today (first time I actually did art in art class, lol), but I like yours a lot better


Thanks, man


And so, for the 50th reply to this thread (glad people are seeing my stuff!), here’s Soleil

What do y’all think?


I think the face may need some work (looks a bit generic), but everything else is pretty spot on. I particularly like how you made the textures look on her right sleeve. The pattern makes it look 3D and it creates a cool effect.


For those on the FEUniverse Discord, y’all are probably annoyed at seeing this guy so much, but here’s the finished Cthulhu sprite! Aside from the YuGiOh stuff, my biggest project so far

What do you guys think?


The tendrils look a little bit 2D but otherwise he is very otherworldly and cool


A certain someone said I should post the Limstella porn (which is just another project in progress), so… enjoy, you f*cking pervert

I hate myself


Never mind, screw that old Ahri. Here’s the improved version. Now… how do i delete comment?


Doing Lisa the Painful RPG now. Bleh


Oh hey, what do you know, I actually made progress on that LoL commission I got… f*ck, who knows how long ago

Two more or less down, 132 to go…
S̶o̶m̶e̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶k̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶m̶e̶


I like how there’s a wall around his portrait.


Work in progress on Big Lincoln from Lisa the Joyful. What do y’all think about the shading on the head? I thought I’d try out what Coby told me and just shade in my own style while trying to follow FE’s rules