Random Stuff I Made


Another request I did for this person named Teethdude. Not my best work or shading, but whatever, got it done :T


Could you perhaps post these at the original size instead of blowing them up?


Sorry about that. On the site that most of the requests come from, they don’t really like the small pictures, so I “Upload for the Internet” zoomed in, so the original sized are still in the original picture-editor form (.psd, for example)

I’ll make sure to make a separate form that’s original size in the future


Thinking about drawing Fates in GBA style, though I’ll probably not do it considering I’m one dude and I’ve got school and stuff. Anyways, here’s M!Kamui

That eye annoys me… I spent like 40 minutes trying to get it right >_>


Do you take requests? I promise it’s nothing huge


Do I take requests? Lol, about 70% of the stuff in this thread are requests

Sure man, hit me with your best shot


I’d very much appreciate it if you could fill the hole I’ve created hear with the feels guy face.


Sure thing, man. Whatcha mean by Feels Guy, though?

Also, might take me a few days or so, currently working on an art trade


dis guy
Also thanks. Take your time.


No problem, dude! Also, here’s my progress on the art trade I mentioned earlier using a full-body Marisa base I found online. Probably gonna change the eyes or something later so it’s not just another Marisa copy

Oh, and give her pants, that too


Finished with the art trade (more or less). Decided to not follow the Fire Emblem rules of spriting a tiny bit by having more colors, because the jeans looked way too metallic for my tastes. I also just gave up on the shoes and just took an image off of Google… not my proudest moment

Anyways, tell me how y’all think :slight_smile:


From a design perspective…
Pant’s waist should be more curved, angled to match the front of the body but also curved to match hips and rotated to fit with the posture.
Shirt should probably also hang over the pants unless tucked in, which if is the case should probably have a crease or two to show.
Her left index finger is a talon and the hands in general could use some work. The shoes lack definition and look mostly like splotches of colour.
Also the height and proportions looks slightly off, but that may just be me.
Remember, 7 heads.

From a spriting perspective, the jeans look like a palette crushed photo, which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have big splotches of a single shade and yet massive texture in the creased bottoms and around the crotch.
The shirt and hair overall could use more anti-aliasing.
The fringe needs less outline colour and needs skin-aliasing.
The cleavage isn’t centered properly and gives the impression of wonky tits.
The lightsource in general is hard to truly pin-point, the general consensus of Fire Emblem is that the character is looking away from the lightsource. So for example, the light source essentially exists in the top right and top left of the GBA screen in conversations, with mugs on left adhering to top left and right to top right. This is more a general gist of getting a central and single lightsource and isn’t “law” and is probably even broken by the games themselves, definitely when mugs are flipped in convos and moved to other sides of the screen, creating inconsistencies. But it’s sprites, what can ya’ do.


Thanks, dude! Working on it atm (trying to figure out what to do for that bright splotch on the jeans… that’s how my actual jeans look, so I’ve got no idea)

And yeah, it was about 30 pixels off from 7 heads… meh, let’s just say she’s short xP

Kidding aside, working on it atm


You use a lot of pure black in your outlines, which clashes with the rest of your colours especially when you splice it with the original purple outlines. As a rule of thumb, Pure Black is too dark to fit most palettes, and you should go with dark grey/blue/whatever instead.


Dark gray/blue. Got it

Kinda just used pure black because nothing’s darker than it, but I’ll see what I can do


Depends if you want to continue using FE colours and styles.
FE uses a border colour of 11,08,09 in Usenti. (For FE7, I believe FE6’s is slightly different whilst FE8 has a more saturated(?) one.)

You could probably look through the Sprites-Resource and palette jack from another game that uses a darker outline until you get used to making your own.

Color Ramp Creator.

P.S: As for the head thing.
Body Proportions ~ Head Scale


Hey dudes, long time no see! Anyways, it’s summer where I’m at, so I’ve got about 3 months to start drawing again. Hopefully, I can improve with y’all’s help

Anyways, with all the Overwatch hype, decided to draw my main Reinhardt. Pls critique as much as you like :slight_smile:



A few people requested Mercy as well, so I guess I did her or something, I don’t even know

Her face looks messed up to me :\



I made it to the front page of Google!! :smiley: