Random Stuff I Made


Just some random stuff I did over the year (and that I’m proud enough to show). I never looked up the fact there was an FE community until now… so yeah, after a year, I finally join this place. I don’t know how this forum thing works, but I’ll try and see how it’s supposed to be used :slight_smile:


There’s some pretty neat stuff here! And I know for a fact that there can never be enough spriters in the FE hacking community :smile:


There’s some pretty neat stuff in here (Yugioh?).
I recommend posting images at 100% zoom instead of like 300%.
Less scrolling means we won’t get carpal tunnel as quickly!


Yeah, there’s some YuGiOh stuff in there. Mostly requests people made on this other site that I’m a part of. I’ve forgotten what they are except the Knight guy behind the Ephraim palette swap is supposed to be King Artorigus of the Noble Knights

100% zoom, noted for the future


Thanks, man :slight_smile:


I know it’s not FE related, but I drew this yesterday during a sleepy stupor


Any of y’all know MarkyJoe? Well, his younger brother made his older brother EvilEggoWaffle as Duessel. I have no idea why I did this


would this happen to be referencing my RFIV hack


Yeup! At least, I think so… I didn’t read the author’s name


Did this one for a community thing on the site I had originally came from


Part 2 of a community event on a different site. Did this a few days ago, but I forgot to upload it


Don’t ask why, all I know is some dude asked for it 4 months ago and I did it when I was half awake at like 4 in the morning


It looks nice though. I don’t know what it is but that tie looks nice
Now I gotta do I different candidate


Tbh, I waited 4 months to do this after some dude requested it. You had a lot of time xD

I was thinking about working on Bernie Sanders tomorrow during my art class, but if you want to take him, guess I’ll do somethin’ else


You can do Sanders. I got a backpile of stuff that needs working on.
Excellent stuff you got here btw


Thanks, man :slight_smile: I’ll probably be working on more, probably. Probably.


Currently a sketch for an Undyne drawing for a group of Undertale characters. Thought it was good enough to upload for now, but I’ll get to drawing her actual armor later.

Had to flip it because I drew the eyepatch on the wrong eye cause I’m a dunce >_>


Finished the fish thing! Tried to make her look less, well, Forde like

Gonna work on Undyne the Undying next, probably. Think of it like using a Knight Crest or something :V


Current sketch so far of the Undyne the Undying sprite. Also trying out the new style of shading from the previous Undyne sprite. Head’s just a place holder atm


Still doing the community profile drawing thing on my other website, here’s L Lawliet and Sakata Gintoki from Death Note and Gintama, respectively