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Hi everyone, i’m creating my personal hack for Fire Emblem 7, and i want to extract the spell animation of Naglfar from Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones, and put it in Fire Emblem 7 with Fe Builder… can you help me? Thanks.


You would need to make sure that the frames are already extracted. I don’t believe anyone has done that so far though. If a script is made then it can be imported.

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Hello! Cool to hear that you are working on a project!

I thought that you could simply extract the spell from FE8 and put in FE7, but I’m not an expert on magic animations.

FEUinverse has a repository for animations and other graphics, maybe you can find the animation there? I have looked at the website Emblem Anims, but I could not find Naglfar there in the dark magic spells list. Emblem Anims is another website for animations and the like.

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Thanks for reply, if no one has done it… how can i extract the frames from Fe Builder?

Hello! Thanks! I love that game and I want to play it in many many versions… I know Emblem Anims and sadly there isn’t what i’m searching for… do you know someone that has extracted that spell?

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From what I know, spells are basically hard-coded to the games. This means that exporting them is not really possible. When you see a spell animation from one of the games on the repo/anim website, those have been painfully re-created frame by frame to look nearly identical, I believe.

You’re best off instead making use of one of the animations in the repo that you like.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that FE8 has by far the most use/support from the hacking community. This means that custom code (patches, asm hacks) are often exclusive to fe8. It also means that it’s quite unlikely that hard-coded animations from fe8 will be ported by anyone to fe6/fe7, as there isn’t much point in doing so. If you’re making a custom hack, you should hack fe8. But if you are just reskinning fe7, then it’s fine to continue as is.

Sorry it isn’t better news. :confused:

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Actually, SHYUTERz recreated Naglfar for CSA, so the animation should be insertable in FE7:


Oh, amazing! Didn’t expect that. Yay SHYUTERz

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Thanks for reply, i found the solution with someone that has loaded that spell animation

Thank you very much! You have realized my wish :slight_smile:

Do you know also how to import the sound spell from Fire Emblem 8 to 7?

Probably’d have to import the sounds that the anim calls into the slots in FE7; I’m not entirely sure.

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Thanks, i found the solution simply there is an option in Fe Builder that can importing it from another game

So you want to import your CSA Naglfar into FE7 perfectly? I’ll give you as much detail as I can.
Please be patient for a while.

You may have already worked it out, but I’ll show you how to do it too, just in case.
Since this animation is a CSA, you’ll need to patch the CSA ver2 and then install the animation. Then port the sound effects as shown in the video and write the animation again.
※ By the way, when you install CSA ver,2, Event Assembler Core.exe is required.


Thanks a lot, i’ve already seen your video on YouTube and commented… great work! You are amazing :smiley:

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