Question about crazycolorz's Fates EXP asm

So, I’ve been testing out crazycolorz’s Fates EXP asm and everything seems to work wonderfully with unpromoted classes. As soon as promoted classes are involved, however, the system breaks. It seems as if the calculation is treating the promoted enemies as unpromoted ones, while treating my promoted units as having many extra levels. Here’s a GIF demonstrating the issue:


Any insights?

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I traced through part of it and found what looks to be an error here:


which doesn’t make sense, because r1 still has the IsTrainee bitflag when it should have the IsPromoted bitflag. So it should look like this:


This fixed it from a brief test. Could you please try it out and confirm that it works as you expect it to?

If you want to download the .s & .dmp, you can via discord here:

I will ask 7743 to update the patch with the fix.


Ah, thanks a lot for the wizardry, it seems to be working correctly now! This EXP system is better than the FEGBA imo.

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