Project Triangle Strategy, Whats your opinion?

Ey Guys, recently we had a new Nintendo Direct (After more than a year).

A lot of you (me included) are a little bit dissapointed we got nothing FE related, thats truly a shame, but i guess we will have to wait a little longer.
Anyways, there was a title that caught my interest, that title was Project Triangle Strategy, a new Strategy-RPG developted by Square Enix, also we had a Demo to try this new game, so… have you tried it? what are your opinions about it??

Trailer of the game




Things i liked

Welp, i for example loved a lot of things, like how the chapters plays with the environment, chapter 7 is a great example of this.

Other thing i liked a lot, is that your choices matters, (not like in FE 17), dependig if you want to go for a Utility, Morality, Liberty path. This means you will get different allies, and probably (i hope) alternative endings, which could add a lot of replayability.

There is others aspects that i liked, for example the 2D-HD graphics, the differents classes and characters.

Oh, and another thing i liked is the mecanic of voting and convincing your allies.

Things i didn't liked

The only part of the game i didnt liked completely was the exploration parts, nor because they are boring or something, they are great, but if you are being perseued by your enemys or being raided by your enemys, it can kill the atmosfere sometimes.

Welp, thats it, what do you think??


As a big fan of octopath and fft I enjoyed it a lot, I’m still playing the demo just to replay the chapters in different ways to see how it affects the story.

My biggest gripe is the amount of times I was shoved back to the world map though, seemed needless.


I just think they’ll end up calling it Triangle Strategy tho

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Combat animations look pretty bland.

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It sounds good, if they can actually deliver on what the trailer promises and the choices you make are nuanced and balanced, but i’m going to need more information to see if they live up to it.

e: from watching the trailer only, haven’t tried the demo yet.

Demo was solid. I love the visuals and think the devs picked a good part of the story to give us enough of a taste to understand what we’d get into with the full game.

As an FE fan, the speed of combat here feels so slow, and the combat felt like it encouraged turtling. I’m hoping other maps will have reasons to move quickly through the map, as the two maps I played made me want to crawl and move in a block to avoid taking damage from more than 1 side.

Keen to see more, cautiously optimistic. I left wanting to play more which is always a good sign.

Also, Landroi :pray:


Hi Mark!
personally I am not disappointed of the direct, and indeed paradoxically I prefer that no new fire emblem game has been announced, especially if it was to follow a structure too similar to three houses, the only thing I want from IS is a new advance wars similar to days of ruins…even if given how the fire emblem saga is going to end, it’s not that I’m so confident…

Precisely for this reason the sudden lightning of Projet triangle it was for me the best ad of the whole direct and even if personally I have never liked it so much FFT, (tactis ogre instead is the opposite, I love it madly) the fact that it is developed with the same style of Octopath traveler for me this already represents a contrary trend to that undertaken by IS with 3H, and this is just one of the points in favor of the new title of square enix.
Although I haven’t finished the demo yet, I can already see that actually your choices here really have effects in the game world, both positive and negative…
now I have only two small doubts about this:


For those who have reached a certain point, they will know that they will have to choose between saving Roland or not …Well the fact that not saving him creates in my opinion a huge imbalance … the effects are too negative compared to saving him, this makes it seem as if the player was wrong to take this choice…honestly given the premises, I don’t want to find a single right / canonical path, but I would like all the paths that the player can take to be somehow “right” in the end

My second doubt finally I would not want it to end up just like Octopath, where in the end there is a single ending … completely destroying all the importance of the choices made during the course of the game.
Speaking of the gameplay I honestly find it very nice, and the shooting of the Ogre tactics model I don’t mind at all … I just hope it doesn’t become like FFT where you had to waste time leveling up your characters.
however the design of the maps is already superior to that of the latest fire emblem, so it is already another positive thing
they just have to review the camera management for a moment and make the menus clearer and more readable … but above all add icons to determine which are the allies or enemies … I found myself sometimes not understanding who was who…
In the end, this game holds the backbone, and also very well done, they just have to file some details …and fully respect the initial premises unlike Octopath and 3H, and I think we could find another excellent srpg in our hands

I apologize for my bad English, but right now I’m also in a hurry :sweat_smile:
thank you all for reading my papyrus

p.s: they would grant me the grace to change the name of the game … which as of now is truly anonymous.

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Project Triangle Strategy

From what I saw from the Direct I was very intrigued. Need to download it and go from there. It looked like Octopath x FFT and I enjoy playing both of those.

Opportunity attack?? Kinda like Dnd which I like.

I think it looked spectacular. I’m going to pick up the demo, but it doesn’t look as much like Fire Emblem as much as it looks like Final Fantasy Tactics; like, the ps1 version. Frankly, I’m alright with that because I love FFT more than any Fire Emblem I’ve played. The trailer advertises an honestly amazing looking tactics game, so it definitely looks worth it. My only complaint is that so far, they’re advertising it as only for Switch; I definitely hope they will put it at least on PC as well when it comes out.

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I don’t think I agree, if anything because we’re so accustomed to FE, we’re almost incentivized to try and keep everyone in tip-top shape, despite the fact that permadeath doesn’t exist. The first map for example I felt encouraged you to spread out and move not turtle in a block. The Avlora chapter I chose to somewhat turtle because I was trying to (and successfully) beat the chapter without utilizing the secret weapon.
If anything, we might just be too used to turtle-esque strategies and apply them everywhere.


It seems like a quality romhack by Square Enix of the Squaresoft classic game Final Fantasy Tactics.


Project Triangle Strategy: AKA, Divinity Original Sin, except it has Octopath Traveler’s graphics.

Seriously. Everything shown in that trailer has been in DOS 1 and 2 for years now. Freezing/electrifying water, elements affecting the terrain, attacks of opportunity, etc.

The game doesn’t look original, but I really cannot argue with more games using the DOS mechanics, because wow terrain manipulation is great fun.

The WIP name friggin sucks though. Easily one of the worst names I’ve ever heard. Here’s to hoping for something more dynamic when it finally gets a release. Also here’s to hoping for a PC release.


Yeah, i also felt the combat was slow, but not cause of the movement, it was more cause, for example, heavy knights can take like around 10 normal blows, and that desesperated me xD.

But you doesnt have necesarely to use that kind of strategy, you can go with risky strategys, i renember i had lots of moments full of adrenaline, when a unit took 90% of his health and he just survive xD.

I wanted to die when the fire wizard died at the end of chapter 7, but i were so relieved later after seeing she was still alive, it looks im very used to permadeath.

Also, i had the same feeling here, the secondary “misions or history”, can be a little bit stodgy.

Demo was cool and it has potential, but speed and UI need to be fixed.

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Just finished the demo - anyone wanna tell me what happens if you hand over Roland?

Agree with all points saying the game was slow. Also, no text auto advance is REALLY annoying - how else am I supposed to hang up my laundry while I watch the cutscenes?

I also found the turn order UI really confusing - it doesn’t communicate that you’re looking far ahead in the turn order. The controls just feel kind of awful because of the isometric view so I ended up zooming out and controlling like FE, but then it became difficult to tell which way enemies were facing.

I REALLY like the voting system as a story mechanic, it almost felt like playing Ace Attorney in a courtroom sequence and I hope that the system is expanded to include typical RPG mechanics rather than just the “walk around and talk to people” thing.

I didn’t like that the alignment system was hidden. On replays I can imagine this mechanic being really frustrating if you’re trying to force a different outcome.

The TP system is really bad for mages. It forces you to waste their first turn so they can actually do something. I get that using magic every turn would be broken with the way magic is in this game, but surely there’s a better system than this? Also lol those throwable firestones were OP

I will probably buy this game because I like the storytelling, but there are definitely some issues that need to be ironed out.


Mine died too at the end, but I realized “wait, this isn’t FE, I’m safe!”

You get a unit (if you do a certain alignment, morality I think?) that gives TP to your other units. He’s a big save on the mages which is awesome. Also there’s an item called a “TP pallet” which gives TP to a unit, plus you can use your “secret” ability to give a unit 2 TP.

I think the battling is awesome, I enjoyed it more than FFT (which is saying a lot). The dialogue feels very watered down and the noted lack of autoplay is annoying. I feel the graphics can actually be distracting from the key pieces of information in battle, and the UI could use some definite improvements.

My takeaway is it shows the potential to be one of the greats, but at the moment I’m not sure I would buy it.

Did I mention it’s slow? It’s very slow.

EDIT: like the unique abilities for each character is really awesome. I feel the characters they showcased in the demo have really cool synergy with each other and there’s potential for really deep battles (I love the weather change thunder combo). I am concerned the base game will be too easy if the demo really has been “ramped up in difficulty” though.

I think side battles like the FFT/A series would be great, the side stories they had instead really put a damper on my mood. The soundtrack was awesome though; lots of feelings about the game mostly just makes me fear it won’t be as good as it has the potential to be.

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I did all those things - it was still really clunky to get TP onto my mages i.e. by using up turns from other characters. In hindsight, there were definitely more ways to optimise the run, sure. I just feel that there is surely a better way to do magic…

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Story changes and you actually get a different map!
So yeah Demo gives you a taste of the route splits already!

I think it would be good if they have a weak normal magic attack instead of whacking with the tome xD

And Spell damage needs a buff anyway.

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I want to give it a shot when it gets released