Project Sacred Stones v.

Hello everyone !
I just begin romhacking and so, I’m here to present you a sort of demo of what I have done with a friend as we needed something not too complex to start. Here is the update to the first patch

The romhack will be based on Fire emblem, The Sacred Stones.
Basically, it’s a sort of rebalance patch, to make the game more challenging, while also keeping the fun from the original game, this project was heavily influenced by project ember. (I didn’t work on it, but it’s a cool romhack !)

Project Ember

So, the romhack is of course harder,

  • some characters received buff (mostly bases rather than growths) this also apply to enemies, who are stronger.
  • some prf, mostly to help some units (and it’s inspired from ember to be honest)
  • some weapon rebalance but also new weapons !
  • Few characters are added to the rooster, one fan made, and three from the original game who weren’t playable
  • Bows have 2-3 range (except short bow) and we’ll work on long bow’s range
  • Knight, Generals and Great Knight has increased movement

The romhack contains 15 chapters, prologue to 13th chapter of the game (Ephraim route), we’ll continue to work on the others a bit later (mostly after some feedback from that first part).
We also have a discord server, to chat of anything but also make some feedback about the romhack.

Discord server

The patch for the romhack

Patch Note of the v. :
About the characters :

  • Tethys and Gerik have all been rework
    About weapons :
  • Added the guard bow (just like the safe guard, safe spear and guard axe, it offers more def/res)
    About classes :
  • Mage knight got buffed, the male one got +1hp, +2 skl, while female got +1hp and +2 mag,
  • Some promotions were changed, Heroes now get +2 str on promotion, and about mage knights, males got +1 skl and +2 spd, and female get +2 spd
  • Female great knights got +2 base hp
    Trivia :
  • Chapter 13 of Ephraim’s route playable

About all the classes and characters modifications, we’ll try to make a full document once the romhack is finished (or at least, the first version of it)

You need an american rom to use the patch, and NUPS to apply the patch.


First time I heard of your Project, wish you best of luck ! I will try this first patch

I really love Sacred Stone despite it’s flaw, notably it’s tiny roster, and a rework of the game in the spirit of Project Ember is very interesting to see !