Project Fire Shell Concepts

Those Mario hackers got their Green Shells and their Red Shells and their Blue Shells.

Well, we got Fire Shells!

And the aim of this communal project is to create a base FE7 ROM that offers new hacks a “blank slate” from which to start with, with a bunch of added stuff for good measure.

Work-in-progress TO-DO:

  • Reorganizing and expanding the class array.

  • Support for branched promotions. Putting the promotion item array where the class array formerly was, as well as character palette data.

  • Repoint and expand the item table and weapon icons by default (optional weapon expansion?).

  • In that newly freed space, put icecube’s weapon modifier table and custom item effects tables.

  • Clear out the event and map data.

  • Wiping the character array clean.

  • We need to get the weapon icon loading fixed.

  • Install Blazer’s custom item setup by default.

  • Install Icecube’s custom Hand Axe and range fixes.

  • Implementing custom ASMC routines and creating expanded EA definitions.

  • Mariobro’s Native Instrument Map (with updates by @Agro).

  • Optional patch with huge Sound Room expansion & music?

  • Applying a fixed sound improvement hack.

  • Getting the songs to use the full 8 tracks.

  • Applying Cam’s chapter-based battle music hack.

  • Spell animation imports from other FE games.

  • Fixing the spell animation rendering.

  • Implementing @Nintenlord’s character banners/forcers, and his class walking sound patch.

  • Importing all missing/improved FE8 tilesets.

  • Creating a debug room in lieu of the prologue.

  • Applying the EXP formula fix by default.

  • Pre-patched with FEditor auto-patches, all tables there pre-expanded.

  • Customized Nightmare Modules for this shell ROM.


i am behind this 100 %. how about having a base prologue that instead of being lyns tale is sort of a test room for various things though, I’m sure that shouldn’t be to hard to set up.

I’m just gonna take notes here. And people should share ideas.

Animations to Import:

  • Mercenary palette fix
  • Pirate palette fix
  • Great Knight palette fix
  • Monk palette fix
  • Knight w/ Sword/Axe/Bow
  • General w/ Sword/Bow
  • Cavalier w/ Axe
  • Pegasus Knight w/ Sword
  • Wyvern Rider w/ Axe
  • Wyvern Lord w/ Axe
  • Female Mercenary
  • Female Hero
  • Female Myrmidon
  • Female Cavalier
  • Female Shaman
  • Female Druid
  • Female Soldier
  • Standard Cleric
  • Standard Female Bishop
  • Female Nomad
  • Female Nomad Trooper
  • Yetizerker
  • Rogue
  • Halberdier
  • Mage Knight
  • Wyvern Knight
  • Non-Sacaean Nomad
  • Ranger
  • Ranger w/ Lance
  • FE6 Nomad Troopers
  • FE6 Bishops
  • Elphin Bard
  • Lalum Dancer
  • Tethys Dancer

Spell Animations:

  • Fire
  • Thunder
  • Shaver
  • Aircalibur
  • Arcthunder
  • Thoron
  • Bolganon
  • Meteor
  • Swarm
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i think that including say the wild dog things would be neat and maybe some base monsters as well. gotta leave some room for people to learn how to import classes on there own though, but if you have the time then id go for it.

I wouldn’t bother with monsters personally… Just curious for like the female shaman, you’d be using the fixed female shaman one, not MJ1990’s rescript, right?

I personally think this is an excellent idea and have tried to do it a few times with my own ROM, usually fucked it up somewhere though lol.

A set of instructions based on these things wouldn’t be a bad idea either, e.g. the weapon icon thing you’re having troubles with should be mentioned somewhere, etc. So the limits of the ROMs and stuff are handily available.

That way they’d know how far they can go with stuff and that. /so non-specific

Edit: I also would SERIOUSLY recommend putting in the custom spell animations for Shaver and all that kind of stuff - inserting these is something that even I hate doing and I know what I’m doing - so I think it would be cool for this kind of stuff to be immediately available to noobs. It would allow them to have a higher quality of hack right off the bat :slight_smile:

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Updated the list with those animation imports (I gotta ask Pi how he gets them to look so good).

And also there’s a link to the class list I just sorted through. I’ll expand that table so there’ll be plenty of room to add, but this covers the basics.

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That right there… makes me go “ehh”.
Spell animations take up so much space.
Not to mention that the graphics have some issues when changing sheets with the trash data showing up for a frame.

I don’t think it should be “standard”, but could be a different “shell” too.

Should be the fixed one.
Not the “use a script on the ripped frames” and cause an OAM data overflow.

this seems fair :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: and @shaman - this is a good thing.

I’m 99% positive Pi must’ve fixed the rendering routine. So there’s that, but yeah - those glitches are pretty bad.

Nevetheless, I jotted down some notes on how we might get the standard split anima set in:

Fire (GBA)
Elfire (DSFE Fire)
Arcfire (DSFE Elfire)
Meteor (DSFE)
Bolganon (DSFE)

Thunder (DSFE)
Elthunder (GBA Thunder)
Arcthunder (Yeti)
Bolting (GBA)
Thoron (DSFE)

Wind (Aircalibur GBA)
Elwind (Shaver DSFE)
Arcwind (Excalibur GBA)
Blizzard (Fimbulvetr GBA)
Tornado (…Yeti?)

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gotta say it’d be real cool to have a female warrior and all that, but a lot of these are probably gonna need new animations.

Another thought on music: it’d be cool to import music (or provide an optional patch for it) from the other two GBA games - get all three recruitment songs, more map and battle music, etc.

The Sound Room can go into triple digits.

Also applying Cam’s battle themes based on chapters hack, and then offering a shitton of battle themes:

  • Strike (FE7)
  • Attack! (FE6)
  • Comrades in Arms (FE4)
  • Bringing Justice (FE5)
  • Attack (FE8)
  • Strike! (FE11)
  • Initiative (FE12)
  • Days of Training (FE12)
  • Clash (FE9/11)
  • The Devoted (FE10)

Plenty of diversity for player battles. Except for the song names… need to rename some of these.

Enemies need themes too though (that’s probably where the most work needs doing):

  • Safeguard (FE7)
  • Revenge! (FE6)
  • Defense (FE8)
  • Adversary (FE11)
  • Late Initiative (FE12)
  • The Enemy (FE4)
  • Denying Justice (FE5)
  • Defensive Battle (FE9)
  • The Enemy Draws Near (FE9)
  • Waves of Discord (FE10)

And then something like this for bosses:

  • Victory Now! (FE7)
  • Fight for Tomorrow (FE6)
  • The Battle Must be Won (FE8)
  • Rise to the Challenge (FE7)
  • Powerful Foe (FE8)
  • Softly with Grace (FE7)
  • In the Name of Bern (FE6/7)
  • Tearing Shadows (FE12)
  • The Last Dragon (FE6)
  • Everything into the Dark (FE7)
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what about removing the portraits of fe7 gba and replacing them with generic filler mugs, or at the very least reorganizing the portraits in feeditor.

There’s no actual point in doing that, especially if the person wants to use the existing mugs. Replacing the existing mugs would just add extra unused space that will be added on when they eventually replace the filler ones.
The mugs are never actually deleted, just deallocated iirc, so their data is still in the game regardless.

could it be reorganized though with out adding unneeded data? i just think it would be helpful if it was a bit more structured in what order the portraits where in that’s all.

These seem like a pretty cool breakdown. Alternatively to the wind thing - I had originally planned on using an animation that somebody came up with that just used the wind from FE8 Excalibur as Elwind, and then bumping up Shaver to Arcwind & FE7 Excalibur to Tornado… That wouldn’t be hard to do if there’s no Tornado anim available :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, if someone just took the Fimbulvetr animation and split it into two we’d have a Blizzard and a Tornado. Using that alternative Elwind, FE7!Excalibur for Arcwind, and then DSFE Excalibur for…Excalibur would give us a full wind set. Can you show me what that Elwind looks like?

I also wish there were some good-quality FE8 monster animation imports so we could have a bit more dark magic.

Updated the first post with a link to a proposed item array expansion (optional patch that brings the count to 200?).

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I suppose you want to enlist my help here…

BUt of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Mariobro’s Native Instrument Map is in dire need of some fixing (nothing I can’t do) and I’d probably like to add getting the full 8 tracks to the list, as well as a fixed version of the sound improvement hack. In addition to this, some Nightmare modules such as the boss music editor and the chapter data editor need to be fixed so that the music sections support short entries (two bytes).

I asked Hextator about fixing the rendering issues with feditor’s csaps so you guys can donate if you want that worked on.