Fire Emblem: Exalted Legacy

Figured I should offer an update on this front too. Just got back to playing around with this game for the first time in quite a while.

Granted that I finish Elibian Nights early (which is obviously my full intention), I’m going to try to have a 4-chapter demo of this out for FEE3 as well. After that small demo comes out, I’ll be shifting my focus to Project Fire Shell; once that’s complete, I’ll start by rebuilding FE1 with the basic Fire Shell ROM.

Going forward, I’ve got an excellent assistant in @Ash3wl, who will be doing the first drafts for the game’s events. Now I just need mugshots.


You may have answered this on another forum, but are you planning on expanding the story/dialogue? If so, what resources are you using to make it seem authentic? What other changes are you making when compared to FESD?

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There will be significant changes in terms of story content (adding tons of new scenes, basically), while keeping the core Shadow Dragon script as intact as possible. Hell, there’ll be significant changes everywhere. I’m not necessarily following Shadow Dragon as my source - using FE3’s Book 1, and envisioning my own remake from there using FE11 as a reference.


Or remake FE1 in FEXNA when it’s out

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Man, 99 exp sucks.
I’m having trouble making out that new armor map sprite. What exactly is it supposed to represent?
Kinda looks like he’s playing guitar

It’s @Agro’s lance armor sprite. I’ve got the Cavalier split into Cav (Lances) and Squire (Swords), and I’m splitting Knights into Knight (Sword/Axe) and Sentry (Lance/Bow).

And also new challenger approaching:

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Pretty neat! Just curious, what’s the reasoning behind having a separate transporter unit as opposed to tying storage to Marth?

Gives Malledus something to do as a unit (supply and res meat shield). And I’m not a fan of just tying it to the lord.

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How are you planning to make the transporter gain levels? FE7 style? FE6? Somethuing new? Or no level gain?

It’s pretty much FE7-style merchanting.

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Guess I’ll just keep truckin’ on this for a bit. You guys get to watch me make changes in real time.

The nice thing about the chapter format I’ve got planned is that it splits up nicely for a phased release. Thinking of something along the lines of:

Demo for FEE3: Ch1-5 (Reclaiming Aurelis)
First release: Ch1-10x (up to reclaiming Pales)
Second release Ch11a/b-15 (reclaim Altea)
Third release: Ch16-20x (Grust/Medon)
Fourth release: Ch21-F (Dolhr)

#Hacking (And I’m also tryna get sprytes)

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Spamming my own topic on my own forum, but here’s some stuff. Hopefully the Knight situation makes sense now (they’ve been split into Sentry/Knight which are Lance/Bow and Sword/Axe, which promote to Generals that can use all physical weapon types). The original FE1 Knights used Swords and Lances, so I wanted to #ThrowbackThursday that shit and split them up to make use of Dei’s armor knight animations.

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Draug looks fabulous.

Went ahead and typed up a “what I need” in terms of graphics list according to the release phases I mentioned earlier. Because I’m devoid of spritan talents.

This is what I have.

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I’m interested in what you’ll do with Heimler’s character since you’ve literally got a blank slate.

I should get into the habit of posting here… :B

On the compilation sheet, my mug has Square Root of Pi’s color on(behind?) it.

(I love the post preview thing to the right, this forum thing is really different and cool)

I’m just gonna drop this here not post about Serenes and see who notices :stuck_out_tongue:

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i love you forever

Quick correction to that patch: Marth shouldn’t be Level 20 in Ch1.

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i love you foreverer now