Problem with fixing the stat debuff glitch

Edit: Nevermind, I fixed it.

Can you still provide the fix for your problem? It’d be cool for thers to have it as documentation if that happens to them too.

Uh, sure. I just installed the script that Hextator (I think it was him?) posted on the Skill’s System thread, using the “Install via EA” option in FEGBABuilder. It wasn’t working for me before, because I installed a patch instead of manually inserting the fix, and I guess I must’ve overwriten some data that caused the game to crash.

Hextator hasn’t posted since 2015 though.

Oh, yeah, sorry. It was Leonarth. I kinda mixed up the names.

errrr, I wrote the debuff fix, leonarth only reposted it more recently in the thread.

When I searched for the fix, Leonarth’s post appeared first, so I didn’t know that. Sorry for the mix up! Again.

Does anyone have a working version of the debuff glitch fix patch for the most recent version of skill system? :frowning: