Please, help me find this Roy sprite reskin

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Fe Universe.

I was looking in some sprite repositories made by the community, and randomly on YT, I ended up finding this video of the guy with a reskin of Roy, based on the Blazing Lion from FEH. The problem is that I can’t find this custom sprite in any of the repositories I looked at, and the owner of the video didn’t make it clear where he got it, despite using the Project Ember hack as a demo.

Could someone tell me who made it and where I can find the full animation?

If I’m not mistaken, that’s @Jeorge_Reds sprite that he once made a while back and that youtuber animated. The standing sprite was in the repo so I’m sure Reds don’t mind; it was most likely f2e anyway.

But in terms of accessing it, you gotta get in contact with both Reds and the youtuber who animated.


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I thank you very much for the information. :heart:

Also, I ended up finding the profile of the owner of the video here on FEU, and I hope he takes a look at the message I sent him about the Roy animation he used

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Damn, that looks really good. Do you mind sharing the animation data with me if he shares? Probably only use for personal use.

Thanks :pray:

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Of course I will share…if he answers me, and above all, if he releases the animations. So far, no sign of the youtuber…

I don’t consider myself a pixel artist, because I’m still studying art itself, but maybe I can try to recreate the animations using @Jeorge_Reds 's sprite as a base, if he allows me and that’s okay, of course.


Reviving and then closing this thread to say two things:

  1. I managed to create something similar, which can be seen in this post in the Repository:


  1. This video simply appeared in a part of another video on a Brazilian channel with a title that translates to “Where to start playing - Fire Emblem”, however, whoever edited the video on the channel, made it look like this modification came from something official LOOOL