Patch request Class Fe8

hello people of feu i have one litle request someone can make for me one patch to fe8 with the 255 class slots for use

nah :man_shrugging:


Idk if this helps, but male and female versions of classes are technically different classes. So if you’ve got no problem with being sexist that effectively doubles your class size.

It’s already been made by Brendor I think.

From what I know Brendor’s was buggy as hell and was never properly finished, the one people use is Kirb’s

Does that one even work properly, though? Last I heard it also had its fair share of issues as well…

From what I know it works perfectly well as long as you disable suspend saves?

I think Stan’s ExpandedModularSave works with Class 255 without problems.
However, since I did not conduct a complete clear test, there may be unknown problems.

Extend Class and set a unit to the extended class …

Can save and load with in Chapter?

Can save and load with in Worldmap?

Can suppend and Resume?

Does it work with SaveSlot2 as well?
(The previous routine did not work properly except SaveSlot1).

Does it work with SaveSlot3 as well?

Does it work even if the main character is switched to 0xF?

If the main character is switched to 0xF, does it work properly even if it dies other than 0xF?
(The previous routine behaved strangely when the protagonist switched).

Can you play normally until the ending?
Whether the world map route is not missing or the base does not disappear.

I tested up to (4).
Please try someone up to test8.

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Isn’t 127 Classes enough ?

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Maybe he wants to have 63 characters and needs for every character to reclass 3 times. and all the character’s classes need to be totally unique and no class can be reused.

Or better yet, every enemy in the whole game uses a unique class. :wink:

For me, 255 is almost not enough.


well someone can made my request please

I got around to testing it and it seems to work perfectly up until the route split. The skirmishes, tower of valni, and chapters worked when suspending. I didnt get to make it to the end game unfortunately.
It also worked with the skill system.

On a side note, it also worked completely fine with stats numbers going past 31. The orinigal patch that allowed over 31 cap stats isnt necessary to use anymore.

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I don’t understand, why do you want a patch for it?
Just get it the intended way, like everyone.

Because he’s dellhonne lol


sorry i need for one proyect y go make i try make in my pc but don`t worked please someone can make the request

Well if u use febuilder and use the exmodule expand patch and it should work.

@Jj09 but i try made and don`t work you can made the ups for me please

is my pc don`t work for made the patch

Uhhh. Yeah here u go.

Thanks My Friend