Patch request Class Fe8


You are welcome


I tried Stan’s Expanded Modular Save and as soon as I include a 128th class, all the item data is gone. What am I doing wrong guys?


That could be a different patch that doesnt work well with the module expansion. Of course i have no idea what u had previously installed but u could try again with a different rom and see if u have the same problem.


You probably did not extend the class table, but write the data at 0x80.
Item data is stored immediately after the class data.

08803D64 - 08807110 //Unit
08807110 - 08809B10 //Class
08809B10 - 0880B82C //Item

Breaking the end of the class table erodes the area of the item table.
For example, you are kicking the wall of the apartment and breaking into the next room.
The people in the next room will be astonished.


Yes, that seems to be the problem. Thanks. Funny analogy though. lol