Our official unofficial abbreviation for "Critical Rate Resist" term

All battle stats have some form of abbreviation
for 1) convenience and 2) writing space economy.

I’ve seen some say “Dodge” but this sounds the same as Avoid (AVD)
and it wouldn’t be surprising for people outside the known to mix these 2.
Also for me it sounds misleading.

Attack => ATK
Might => MT
Defense => DEF
Critical => CRT
Hit => HIT
Avoid => AVD
Range => Rng (not RNG)
Weight => WT
Constitution => CON
Attack Speed => ASPD

and then you have
Critical Rate Resistance / Critical Rate Reduction / Critical Avoid = ???

Avoid => AVD
!reee, use “AVO”

Skin rashes

PRT - Protection from criticals?
Only issue is it looks too much like Prf. (Prf still confusing to me.)

I got it
Critical avoid -> CAVO
Attack speed is already 4 letters so I think this will be fine.

Since it’s tied to Luck, shouldn’t it be
Fortune > FTN ?

Difference is Fortune makes casual players go “What the fuck?” just like everything else in FE. Critical avoid makes people go “Oh okay”

But yeah, thematically Fortune makes the most sense.

It’s literally called “dodge” in Fates iirc.


hit—>critical hit
avoid—> critical avoid.
That is why the games and fans call it that.

I thought it was Hit Rate = HIT, Critical Rate = CRT/CRIT, Avoidance Rate = AVO, Critical Avoid = Dodge (DOD? DDG? DGE?)

I like to call it fortitude in my notes, but that’s actually some D&D dice roll-modifying stat if I recall correctly, so I usually just call it crit avoid to avoid confusing people.

shout-out to ATL for “attribute” in FE7

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Gladly, the “attlibute” was fixed in the EU version.

Yeah Path of Radiance called it Dodge too

AVO and A.S. are both canonized by games, same as Dodge and its shortening of DDG. However, Crit Avo is the string that Three Houses uses towards the player.

Critical frequently keeps its i, strangely. (as Crit)

That’s the point: “Dodge” is a terrible term.
If you can’t avoid a hit
how can you dodge a critical?

If a bullet hits you in the chest, you don’t say “I dodged a bullet”.
You say “It missed the head.”

Sure, but while we’re on this point, shouldn’t Avoid really be Dodge? Avoid sounds more like steering clear of something, whereas Dodge specifically means to dodge an attack. It would actually make even more sense if those two terms were swapped.

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True, Dodge does carry the meaning of actively trying to avoid something.

lol avoid sounds like it effects enemy priority, like shade or provoke.

Don’t forget Luck, even though it only has four letters.

Well, the I might be kept because it’s such a thin letter, in terms of presentation to the player; the ration between, say, CRIT and CRT is much different than LUCK and LCK/LUC.

I say CA/C.A./CritAvo, for Critical Avoid, the best is probably CA.