One-Week Hack Jam! ✨

:scroll: The Rules:

  • You may use FE6, 7 or 8, Tactile, Lex Talionis, SRPG Studio or FEXP, depends which one you prefer

  • The hack must have at least* one fully playable and beatable chapter

  • The hack must be done within a week**

  • The hack must have something to do with the keyword*** (important)

  • Last but not least, you must have fun! Bring a friend or two on board!

* I encourage you to make more than one chapter.
** You can take more time if you feel like it. I wouldn’t be able to tell either way.
*** Your submission should include a short explanation how it’s related to the keyword, just to be safe.

:mega: You heard me right, folks! It’s a hack jam!

“But what does all of this mean,” you may ask. In short, this is a contest where you have to create a GBA hack (or GBA inspired fan game) within a week. The hack must be inspired in some way by the keyword™ given at the bottom of this post. There are no hard rules how you achieve the end goal of creating the hack or of imbuing it with the keyword™, but the more creative the better.

Be sure to use the community-made assets, if you don’t feel like making new ones from scratch!
Heck, you can even use an AI-generated map or two if you like! (Just try not to use a vanilla map.)

:cool: The Keyword™ (not actually trademarked)


:date: Deadline is: 2022-12-24T23:00:00Z

Have fun, gamers! :sparkling_heart:


Wouldn’t it make more sense for the deadline to be Christmas in GMT? I know that the current deadline is based on your current location, but the more universal time would make sense, yes?
(P.S. We’re allowed to start right now, right?)

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Yes and yes!

What about engines, such as Lex Talionis and Tactile? Are those excluded? I know this is hack jam, but you could make a project in them within a week.


You’re totally right! I’ll be honest, they totally escaped my mind. :sweat_smile:

One week Project Jam time?


I’m proud to be your first victim and contestant.

Featuring submission #1

Fire Emblem: Time Trials!


Not very impressive, but have I shown you THIS?!?!


FE: Time Trials is an innovative trailblazer cutting edge entrepreneurial million dollar net worth hack. Instead of dwelling on one, boring, ordinary map, FE:TT requires you to swap through TWO different maps (and enemies) for you to reach the end! Strategic usage of swapping timelines is required to beat the map, and return to your timeline!

Plot hook! (And the cool word)

In this hack, you play as Steve and Gerald, a duo of horrifyingly awful human beings. Upon stumbling upon a magical artifact, this dynamic duo is thrust into the ancient past, filled with people who want their guts on the floor. Timelord Damas is unreachable in the past alone, so they must use this artifact to swap back and forth to and from the future, where the monsters there are kind enough to clean the floor after they unseam you. This may just give them the upper hand to face this threat beyond space and time…

Steve and Gerald must fight through this threat and achieve a timely victory to get back to their present!





my roomate is playing this hack next to me, and i have to fix bugs IN REAL TIME to appease him.




fixed a bug.

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