OC Emblem [COMPLETE, 25/25 Chapters]

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Filipinos! Truth be told, I actually finished the update for Chapter 15x four days ahead of schedule, but decided to wait until today for the 125th anniversary of the Philippines!
This airship map signifies the true end of Act 2! I’ll be making Act 3 very soon!

The update also comes with a lot of minor changes to make the earlygame a much smoother experience, among other things. The screenshots in the Original Post have also been updated to showcase a lot of the content found in Act 2. Have fun!


Chapter 16 has been released, which marks the beginning of Act 3. No screenshots for now, as it’s a very spoilery chapter. Rest assured, the lords are getting promoted in this one, and there are also some new plot developments as well…

There have also been even more adjustments and improvements to earlier parts of the game. Have fun, everyone!


I took a month off of hacking for the entirety of July, but I still cheated and made some changes to previous chapters while on break. I just can’t seem to stop working on this idea. It really means a lot to me.

Changes include:
Minor bugfixes and rebalancing
Chapter 5 has been rewritten to involve the Yiga Clan (under subcommander Glass the peerless swordsman, replacing the inexplicable Erik) stealing mechanical parts from the Selenian Empire because Queen Zelda of Hyrule locked away all the Sheikah and Zonai technology to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The enemy composition has been altered accordingly. I always felt like Chapter 5 was the weakest link (heh) of Act 1, so hopefully this change makes things slightly more interesting.
Irons/steels/silvers now have new icons based on the DSFE weapon icons. I think they look better than the vanilla GBA weapon icons. However, I’ve also altered the icons so steels are now purplish while silvers are now greenish.
Silvers have also been renamed to Mythril weapons. The original idea was to make them Glass weapons from Elder Scrolls (which are made of Malachite), but I decided that the term “Glass” would seem fragile and be unintuitive to those unfamiliar with TES lore, while Malachite didn’t fit, even with Narrowfont. Mythril shall suffice for now, especially since the hack’s lore also incorporates some elements from Terraria.
Going back to chapter changes, Chapter 15x’s map palette has been altered to match the orange foliage of the sky islands and the greenish (aqua?) Zonai tech of TotK. Take a look at it in the image below and compare it to the earlier screenshots. I’m sure it’ll stand out.

Anyway, that’s all for now! I hope I can get Chapter 17 done during August! I still need to work on my FEE3 submission as well…

Have fun playing, everyone!


After two months of rest and break… Chapter 17 is finally here!

Again, I won’t share any screenshots as they’re kinda spoilery, especially the boss. Who is the boss, you may ask? Well, the answer lies within this clue:

We don’t talk about him…




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Chapter 18 is out now!

Behold, my confectionary catastrophe! It makes sense in context, I swear. (Don’t worry, you get the option to toggle between the default “candy fields” palette and the regular ol’ green grass palette.)

Any guesses as to what this chapter’s map is based on?


Chapter 19 is finally here, right on schedule!

Say, doesn’t this map look familiar?


I definitely recognize that map from a certain mainline FE game. But it is filled with Promoted enemies and no single unpromoted enemy.

Almost a perfect recreation of it.

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Hey everyone! I managed get the Chapter 20/20x update just in time right before the FEE3 video drops! To be honest, Chapter 20 is kinda short, but 20x sees the payoff of collecting all ten growth booster items…

Still, hope you all have fun, and enjoy the FEE3 video! :smiley:

EDIT: Had to make a hotfix just now. Chapter 20x should be working properly now!



It took some crunching, but Chapter 21 is here!

A rematch against Gilgamesh on yet another bridge? Say it isn’t so!

This marks the first chapter of the final story arc! We’re in the endgame now…


Is there something else you add in your updates along with the chapters?

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Yeah, I make plenty of hotfixes and adjustments along the way.

Have you considered making a changelog when you update? Just in case some of the adjustments were important or game changing. By the way I think they are female trickster animations available now just in case you need them.

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Not really, too tired to keep track of it all.

As for the Trickster thing, I don’t really mind their current state. To me, the current Trickster sprites can pass off as gender-neutral, and I’m trying to save rom space so I’m cutting back on adding more animations, which are the largest and messiest things to import when it comes to assets.

Barely released the update on time. Please be prepared for hotfixes regarding flavor/recruitment text in Chapter 22, as I was unable to coordinate with the new characters’ creators in advance.

Still, this chapter looks hectic, don’t ya think? Let’s see if you guys can recognize the themed generics this time around!


Well, we made it. 500 downloads so far!

To celebrate, I decided to release Chapter 22x alongside some hotfixes. I doubt I can get Chapter 23 done on time, given the idea I have for it requires writing a lot of loose parts, but hope y’all can have fun preparing for the onslaught by shopping in Chapter 22x! Yes, it’s that kind of side chapter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Other hotfixes include:
Nikana’s Lightsaber now ignores 60% Defense instead of 30% Defense.
Longbows now give 2 WEXP per use
Enemies should act much faster now, with the lag between each action reduced.

EDIT: Also, I have received reports of units randomly freezing/disappearing by moving onto certain tiles in Chapter 20x. I have marked the strange tiles below.
The fort boxed in purple on the left causes units that stand on it to disappear. The dark blue zone on the right seems to make passing units freeze the game, which might extend to the light blue zone, but not too sure. Still, be careful!

Rest assured, while I cannot pinpoint the source of the phenomenon, the disappeared units’ data is still there and alive, just hidden for some odd reason. Let’s just say due to the circumstances of the chapter, they get sent on a surprise trip to Oblivion. Don’t worry, they’ll come back after the chapter, safe and sound as if nothing happened. :wink:

Have fun playing, and thank you for sticking around so far! :')


Hey everyone! I managed to get Chapter 23 done earlier than expected! Good thing too, as I’ll be very busy for the next week or so and unable to hack in that time. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy Chapter 23! Here’s a preview:

The map may seem relatively empty, but I believe it’s justified due to a story spoiler below:


This map sees the return of every single “villain” boss throughout the entire game, all in one big boss rush! Have fun!


I like this hack a lot. You put a lot of wacky different tools for the player to use, and because of that, you are able to do many silly strategies. I played on hard mode and defeated the wall of flesh (Terraria is soooo awesome), so I think I’m playing on the hardest difficulty possible. I’ve played up to chapter 10 so far and I’m having a blast! It’s also not too mechanically difficult, which I appreciate because I prefer simple games. Units having 6 move is an underrated choice that helps keep the flow of the game at a nice pace.

Some thoughts..

I appreciated the fact that the units are able to promote into two different options (I was surprised to see that the cleric is able to promote into a summoner, which I chose). But one of the options was always a stinker choice. I never decided to promote any of the mercenaries or magicians into a Spellsword because most magicians don’t have a high strength stat, and most mercenaries do not have a high magic stat (except for Elowyn I’ve seen, and I guess I just got unlucky with Rickson). Every other promotion choice I’ve seen is pretty standard. The class name Spellsword reminds me of Dokapon Kingdom whether that is intentional or not.

A small bug I found: In the chapter with two hallways (the chapter where you recruit the bagpipes girl in the right room). The ending cutscene softlocks after Matthew recieves the Milkshake item (I think it was the milkshake, it was whatever item you get before the next chapter gets loaded. Anyways, I think you can fix it by adding a 30 frame wait period between Matthew receiving the item and the next chapter loading.

I hope you are able to finish the game, and I will be raring to play it all when it’s complete. I hope there is an Ao Oni chapter where Hiroshi from Ao Oni joins you. Good luck, dream big, and dream safe.

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