OC Emblem [COMPLETE, 25/25 Chapters]

Minor Update: Magic weapons go brrrrrrr
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-43


Hi everyone. Chapter 12 is finished. I was hoping to have it (and 12x) done by February 22, but it’s too late for that now. By the way, Chapter 12x hasn’t been made yet, so please savestate right before seizing the throne.

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You can make the end event of that last chapter to bring the player to the titlescreen btw

Nah, I just made the full end event beforehand. Saves me some trouble once I make the next chapter.

Whew! The 3-13 Update has been released mere minutes before midnight! We’re halfway there! Here’s a glimpse of what awaits in Chapter 12x:
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-32
Have fun!


Two updates within the same month? What sorcery is this? Well, sorcery is the name of the game in Chapter 13, where your party’s resolve is tested by a master wizard who could’ve been the Sorcerer Supreme in another universe.
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-25
Expect to see this phrase. A lot.


Minor update! I’ve added the equivalents of the Mine and Light Rune: Potato Mine and Tall-Nut!
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-14OC Emblem Redux.emulator-15
They can be found with Ashley (Chapter 4 Mage) and Alexis (Chapter 11 Hussar)

Also, can we get the download count to 200 before my birthday on May 8? :pleading_face:
That’d be really nice, I think. :slight_smile:


We made it!

Thanks for sticking with this project, everyone. I know it isn’t much, but it still feels like I’ve come so far. I still have half of the way to go, and I’ve no plans to stop now. Thank you all.

Now that the hack has reached its halfway point, what are everyone’s thoughts on it so far?

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I just fixed a major bug. Somehow, Chapter 4’s enemies disappeared. They should be back now.

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Today’s update is two days late… But Chapter 14 is out now!
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-12
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-13
It’s more of a breather sandwiched between the plot-heavy chapters, but all that’s left to make of Act 2 would be Chapters 15 (where you face off against the rotten Banana Lord himself) and 15x. This update also comes with a lot of little changes and fixes here and there! I’ve also done some internal restructuring in preparation for Act 3.
Have fun!


Hey, so uh…
I found a bug in Chapter 10 that caused the game to softlock. It should be fixed now. Been also working on other fixes and stuff over the past few weeks.

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I played the first couple chapters so far and it is indeed quite goofy (in a good way). Weapons like the hookshot are really fun, but if I had a minor criticism it would be that all the new mechanics are a bit overwhelming for a new player not used to the Skill System (which to be fair I am probably the only one here). I would have loved to have an expended discription of stuff like Shove, Pivot and especially Lunge in the nifty Gameplay section of Lore.


Whoopty whoop, stole your chicken nuggies. :upside_down_face:


Most of the skills are probably intuitive. I considered writing an article on them for the in-game guide once, but maybe when the skill list is finalized. I’m glad you’re having fun though, and that you find it goofy in a good way. I often struggle to feel that my hack has anything unique, innovative, or interesting to offer, so hearing people enjoy my hard work still surprises me.

The thing is that I have an outsider perspective on this, and to tell the truth I often wonder how much of this is your own invention or created by the community, or even from games I didn’t play. So I am often impressed but I don’t know how much I must praise you for individual things. But even the stuff that doesn’t look that great like the magic beams or the blob monsters, hey it’s new stuff for me and it works which is more that I ever did so good job. :+1: Like right now I love the ballisticians (which is basically a new class with exclusive weapons) and how it is a more balanced and long-term version of what it originally was. And if I had another minor criticism it would be that the numerous QoL improvements like infinite picking, bottomless inventory, unbreakable main weapons, free supply/trading and extra canto lords maybe make the game a bit too easy? (I’m playing on normal) At the same time all of this is just for fun so I can get why it’s that way.

As for the skills, I’d say make a guide only for the ones that create new menu options for the characters, the passive buffs are indeed rather self-explanatory.


rascal ch3arascal ch3brascal ch4x
Must steel ALL the lunch boxes.

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I don’t know how you even found the hack in the first place but I’m really grateful that you’re enjoying it, and yeah the QoL stuff you mentioned is to accomodate for a more lenient experience.

I’ll take note of your suggestions, thanks!

Chapter 15 is out now!
OC Emblem Redux.emulator-10
Gingsa the Banana Lord has rallied his forces to deal with our heroes once and for all… Do you have what it takes beat him and finish Act 2?

Be warned, though: This chapter takes elements from most, if not all of the previous chapters of Act 2, which this chapter marks as complete! Good luck, and have fun!

…I can’t believe I managed to get this two-year anniversary update done three days ahead of schedule. The original plan was on May 22, since that’s when I started development back in 2021. Still, I implore you all to have fun, and let me know of any bugs or glitches you may encounter!


I’ve decided to write up an official guide containing tips and tricks for each chapter! I wrote it in the style of a Nintendo Power strategy guide just for fun, but now my fingers are tired :sob:

Still, I hope you all enjoy the guide and the game itself!

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You should probably know that you gave everyone editing permissions for this document. In other words, people could mess up your guide. I recommend changing that as a countermeasure against trolls.

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Aw nuts, gotta fix that.

EDIT: I checked and it turns out only comments/suggestions were enabled. What made you think edits were enabled for everyone?

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Tears of the Kingdom has consumed my precious development time.

On the bright side, it has proven to be an inspiration for other aspects of my hack, particularly the lore. Elowyn’s dialogue at the start of Chapter 9 has been altered to reflect the changes to Hyrule brought about by TotK (as spoiler-free as possible), and the lore article regarding Sheikah technology has been appended to mention the Zonai as well. Both alterations are relatively spoiler-free, using knowledge that’s pretty much known to the general public at this point.

Semi-related is the addition of a new song in the sound room, High Above the Land from Shovel Knight! It feels so satisfying to finally get a working version of this majestic theme in GBA FE, and I’ll admit the original song itself is stuck in my head while exploring the sky in TotK.

I’ve also made some general fixes here and there, with some slight reflavoring/rebalancing too. Of particular note, Reggie and Stephen have both been slightly buffed. Have fun playing, everyone!

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