Notes for CSA and Battle Animations

According with the FEditor Adv doc, the commands 0x14 through 0x28, 0x2B through 0x3F, 0x41 through 0x47 and 0x49 through 0x52 are used to pass to attacker’s animation, but they actually work in the same way as for battle animations.

0x14 Heavy vibration of screen
0x15 Slight vibration of screen
0x16 Nothing (Apparently)
0x17 Nothing (Apparently)
0x18 Makes this:
0x19 Play bow pulling SFE
0x1A Normal hit
0x1B Play quick "heavy step" SFE
0x1C Play light horse stepping SFE; pitch decreases
0x1D Play light horse stepping SFE; pitch increases
0x1E Similar to 0x1D; a bit louder
0x1F Play hit SFE (sounds like Eliwood with sword's hit)
    (Will be normal hit sound during normal attack and critical hit sound during critical
0x20 Play hit SFE (sounds like Knight Lord with Durandal's hit) (see previous note)
0x21 Play hit SFE (sounds like Knight Lord with sword's hit) (see previous note)
0x22 Play short sword swinging SFE
0x23 Play shorter sword swinging SFE
0x24 Play sword slashing air SFE
0x25 Play wing flap SFE
0x26 Freezes the game
0x27 Freezes the game
0x28 Play electrical charging SFE (Used by Shamans)
0x2B Play armored unit "leaping" SFE
0x2C Freezes the game
0x2D Makes this:
0x2E Makes this:
0x2F Makes this: and plays Sage's critical rune sound.
0x30 Freezes the game
0x31 Freezes the game
0x32 Freezes the game
0x33 Play battle cry SFE (REALLY stupid)
0x34 Play heavy stepping SFE
0x35 Play longer wing flapping SFE
0x36 Play sword unsheathing SFE
0x37 Play sword clicking SFE
0x38 Play heavy spear spinning SFE
0x39 Pauses the attacker, makes them flash white and makes the screen flash white
    Essentially makes it look as though the attacker was hit, but without
        blue sparks
0x3A Play dancer magic release SFE
0x3B Play bard song SFE
0x3C Play sword "whooshing" SFE (done by Nomads; sounds like wing flap)
0x3D Makes this:
0x3E Play burning SFE
0x3F Play alternate arrow firing SFE?
0x41 Play short axe swinging SFE
0x42 Play long axe swinging SFE
0x43 Play weapon stance SFE (Clicking noise)
0x44 Play short "light emission" SFE (I seriously don't know a better way to describe this)
0x45 Play horse neighing SFE
0x46 Play dropped axe crashing onto ground SFE
0x47 Adds a second sprite? (At least that what it seems:
0x49 Play sage's magic firing SFE
0x4A Play valkyrie's magic charging SFE (Pretty much the same as the shaman's)
0x4B Play monk's magic casting SFE
0x4C Play Athos' magic casting SFE
0x4D Play Athos' critical glint SFE
0x4E Freezes the game
0x4F Play druid critical charging SFE
0x50 Nothing (Apparently)
0x51 Show brief white flash animation
0x52 Makes this:

It seems that both modes share commands, because commands that do nothing or crash the game in battle animations are functional commands for CSA and vice versa.

Do you know how the game handle the command?

Here is sth I found before:

C47= 47 00 00 85


And then it began to handle it.

Perhaps it does something with looping sprites or with mages, because it says this for battle animations:

0x47 Show cape flowing animation; VERY hardcoded

Both actually, well rather it’s used for any class that casts magic (mage, sage, probably shaman and monk too) and handles the looping animation the character has during a spell animation. (meaning how their robes/cape continue to flap while the spell happens)

As far as how it works, that’s a good question. My guess would be a shorthand way of handling the looping of 3-4 frames during the magic cast, but how it does that is a mystery. I imagine C47 handles that separately from the framedata, since it’s hard-coded perhaps there’s something else that runs the loop?

I know those frames in particular are not located in the framedata for standard animations, which is why it’s so hard-coded.

Thank goodness there’s a simpler way to add loops to custom animations in FEditor Adv at least!