Not refilling health on new chapter

I have this thought of making it so that your units’ health isn’t restored to max on the start of chapters that don’t have a prep screen. Thoughts?

I don’t know if I’d use it but it sounds like it could be interesting

Not as a feature to use but to play on
Does that add an interesting facet to the play game or an annoying one? And how would it be balanced without being completely annoying or negligible
I had an idea for a bedroll item that would put the user to sleep for a certain amount of turns chosen by the player but would HP when the sleep status wears as

It has the potential to be interesting but if say, one of your units only has 1 HP and the next chapter starts and they still only have 1HP, that’s kind of annoying.

The bedroll seems like it would make that unit into a liability since they are then useless until they wake up, especially when staves already exist, unless you have some idea for how to make it not annoying.

Well the bedroll is “unbreakable”, so that helps in the decision if you’re almost out of healing items and the unit will be safe for a turn
I could refill it a small amount maybe? Like 20% instead of 100% ? The whole idea was to make it more realistic for chapters that literally happen after each other like FE8’s chapter 7&8 for instance (7 is outside the castle, 8 is inside the castle)

If you already know about the mechanic and the previous chapter doesn’t have a time limit (or a soft one, such as a rout mission where the last enemy charges towards player units), then players would assumedly get all units back to full HP (and get extra EXP from it, too). The only people that probably wouldn’t would be those too lazy or LTC players not wanting to sacrifice the turns (unless extra turns was more efficient in the long run).

Oh yeah for those kinds of chapters it’d make sense. I’d say something around 20% would be good to at least prevent the player’s units from being screwed.

Maybe I should define some limit so the bedrolls can’t be abused. Ideas ?

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I don’t want no healing at all, just not between chapters with no prep screen so it’s not even all chapters