NONE patch/ups/gba fire emblem games (gba style)?

looking for fire emblem fan game like fexp, or lionthrone that i can check out.
all of the projects that i have seen are onlt patches for the gba. no gba roms .
if any could point me to such, that would be great

Sharing ROMs, whether they be vanilla games or pre-patched hacks, is illegal.

That’s why we use patches, as those are fine to distribute.

but i’m not asking for roms or patches, i’m asking for a fan made game for something like the rpgxp maker(the one that gives editing abilities to fexp) or lex-talionis (the one that plays and gives edit abilities to lionthrone).

the gba has a green unit limit that i do not like at all hinders the enjoyment of my playing style.
that’s why i’m asking for a none gba rom or patch fan game

There’s not too many of them on FEuniverse, but I do remember one off the top of my head.

Whoops, I misinterpreted what you said in the OP. My bad.

thank you for leading me to the page, but i don’t seem to see a download link, do you have it or do i just have to search on that page? does he have it up?

That’s weird, iirc there was one last time I checked.

is it at the top? above or bellow the pics?

The download link should say like “Dropbox download link”. It’s under the first image of the original first post.

ok, i see it, it was just camoed with the dark gray background. thank you for the sharing

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