Nobody makes pixel stuff


Yeah, the title may sound like a joke but “Nobody” has been my username on several places for a long time. As I was told by some people on FEU discord to make a thread here to show off my stuff because all cool peeps do so, I will try to get cooler as well.

So yeah, Nobody is my username, I have started spriting since February 2018 since I was bored and wanted to do creative things. I should start showing my older stuff first.

Old lame stuff:
NL Mozume Theodore Charlotte Eiffe Kagero Midoriko Nyx2 Palutena Sue

A bunch of pokemon sprite from PMD with frames (don’t ask why):
Chatot Bidoof Dusknoir Marill Tuff Sunflora

Now to some better stuff, aka me trying to get better:
L_Arachel_halfbody Yorshka Myrrh Nyx_veil Jamke Weiss Malon Nessa

Random non mug stuff lying around:
Maria_smol Fuuka Mercedes Sonya%20x%20Luthier

Now onto the big project, start off with my works for GFE1R:

I made these two in the early days of the project, they have been later replaced with better versions by other spriters so you probably won’t see them when the hack is released if it ever actually happens

Athena_halfbody Bantu

Up next is Barst, but this one has been heavily touched up by @NICKT so I can’t really claim it as mine


And Catria, the last one I made for the project when I have gotten a lot better


Now is what I am putting the most of my focus on currently, the Shroud Throne project, led by @P33RL355, the guy who can’t even write his name in proper letters.

Kierra, Kierra, Cyrus, Alain, Eve and Beatrix who are all created originally for this project

Kierra Edgy_Kierra Cyrus2 Alain
Eve Beatrix

Ragnar, who was a random mug I made that is now used for the project


Here is Galahad, I got unmotivated in the middle of making him so @feels took over and made him into the cool old man you see on the right

Galahad_Beta Galahad_Done

And finally Cassandra, my latest (literally just finished her yesterday) and probably best mug. Received a lot of help and advice for this gal and she was quite an experience to sprite.


And that is all unless I forgot something. Will keep update this thread when I make more new stuff.


I press Like for no body, Just kidding, I’ve already press Like button for you, nice work.




You’re not fooling anyone, Kirb


I’m fooling myself


Then I say you are doing an amazing job :+1:


Progress gif of Cassandra made from whatever I could find lying around. Really want to make more progress gif in the future.



Good stuff Man. I’m Impressed :ok_hand:


Just saw weise and i lost it

Great job :cry::heart:


Thanks, that I made that Weiss for a friend but I dont even know anything about her. Not really satisfied with her face tho.