Need a GBA-style portrait of a particularly hated female FE character

Hello, there. Some of you may be aware I’m making a project for Ghast’s Make a Fun Chapter (MAFC) contest.

There is a certain portion of my project which involves getting a higher score than your opponent before something happens to a certain character. For the gag I have in mind to work, the victim ideally needs to be a female character who is unpopular with a large portion of the community. And for the victim, I need a GBAFE-style portrait to match the other portraits I’m using for the game.

Please reply below with free-to-use portraits of characters fitting the criterion, or where I can find said free-to-use portraits. Thanks.


Does this fit your criteria?

Credit to @BatimaTheBat

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Actually, never mind. I’ve come up with a less problematic alternative.