N426's Mediocre Sprite Works and General Bad Ideas

Hello all, my name is Nick, or N426, because that’s a creative username, no?

I’m not much one for introductions, so let’s consider ourselves acquainted. Now, let’s see if I can keep this short and sweet.

I’ve made a few posts before, but figured I should dump all my work somewhere (tis the season) and somewhat properly introduce myself. Intro stuff is spoilered, since no one should really care about that.


I started with FE7 upon it’s US release, and have since played some version of every main series game save for FE4/FE5. In terms of hacking, I spent some time with the early Nightmare modules back in the day, and whatever mapping utilities existed.

That didn’t last too long for me, and I found my way into the Pokemon hacking community. I’ll forgo the details, but it particularly piqued my interest in map design, and really pushing what could be done therein. I can share some stuff if interested.

Life happened for a few years, and I’d still kept up with the current releases of any given year, but found my overall interest in the series waning after a playthrough or two.

Earlier in 2019, I stumbled upon Order of the Crimson Arm, and really quite enjoyed the game. In my search for another gba hack to play, I stumbled on into this little niche of the internet and found FEBuilder. I started playing around with it this summer, until Three Houses came out and occupied my free time for awhile. After I was content with 3H, I started reallocating my efforts here, and will hopefully stay for awhile.

I currently have two hacks in progress, one unique and one kinda pseudo remake sort of thing. The bulk of the hacks exist in a spreadsheet as of writing this, with most of the maps/mugs complete as well. I’d like to announce and share the first demo of the first project within the coming weeks.

I said I was going to keep this short and sweet right? Let’s get on to the good stuff.

A hint of things to come:
1 Frozen Throes Title

Let me preface all of this by saying I by no means consider myself adequate at any of this yet. Just about everything I’m posting was created in the latter half of 2019, with little to no actual practice before then. Just an eye for detail.

Here are some of the various splices I’ve created. I’d rather they not be used yet until I release them along with the little project I’ve been working on, hence the lack of blinking/speaking frames/mini mugs. They’ll be free to use eventually though, if you’re patient.

young%20av av%200 e1 fe%20knight pirate bandit%201 bandit%202 praying old%20king nomad wyvern thief apoth fighter fe%20mage%202 fe%20thief fe%20viking n viking%20maille m o

I tried some new things I haven’t really seen much of in the community with a few of these. Let me know what you think!

Fire Emblem x NieR: Automata
2B%20Visor%20Band%20mug 9S%201 A2%201 Adam1 Eve1

Some accompanying yet to be animated stills…

Not too proficient at these yet (particularly timing), but here’s what I’ve created/spliced together thus far, all free to edit/use!

A female version of Eldritch Abomination’s Mage Lord, also with corrected staff script:
magic_sp1 staff_sp1

JonoTheRed’s ridiculously charming merchant, now with a lance a la Awakening:

Need some map sprites/class cards to go along with that?
Merchant%20Map Merchant%20Move merchant%20oc Merchant%20Map%20Lance Merchant%20Move%20Lance merchant%20lance%20oc

And a proper promotion for Jono’s original “staff” merchant:

Bow myrm:
lorm_sp1 lorm_sp1

bow%20myrm%20map bow%20myrm%20move myrm%20bow f%20bow%20myrm%20map f%20bow%20myrm%20move fe%20myrm%20bow

And some "Bow"masters, that I’m using for my generic Blade Lord under a different name.
sm%20bow sm%20bow%202 fe%20sm%20bow fe%20sm%20bow%202

Wyvern Knight Bow:

Wyvern%20Knight%20Bow%20Map Wyvern%20Knight%20Bow%20Move Wyvern%20Knight%20Bow%20Helmet Wyvern%20Knight%20Bow

And some bow variant class cards for the existing wyverns:
Wyvern%20Bow Wyvern%20Bow%20Helmet Wyvern%20Lord%20Bow Wyvern%20Lord%20Bow%20Helmet

I have a few more animations nearly completed, and a few more after that planned. Stick around.

Still here?

Map Sprites/Class Cards:
Starting with things I’ve already posted, then some new works.

Skeleton Mage (that I call Skeletonwitch, because metal):
Ryn made the crownless map version, keeping it alongside the moving anim here.
skeletonwitch%20map%20no%20crown Pontifex%20(M)%20Moving%20%7BIS%7D%20no%20crown skeletonwitch%20map%20-%20RYN skeletonwitch%20moving

Griffins. I recolored and added weapons to what was originally created by Haifried:
Griffin%20Axe%20Map Griffin%20Axe%20Move Griffin%20Bow%20Map Griffin%20Bow%20Move Griffin%20Lance%20Map Griffin%20Lance%20Move Griffin%20Sword%20Map Griffin%20Sword%20Move

Missionary. Want to make a rather lackluster class look a slightly different? Map sprites based on Flasuban’s improved Priest. Card based on the Aruka/Yggdra Strategist.
%5BT1%5D%20Clergy%20(M)%20(Priest%20Improved)%20Staff%20Standing%20%7Bflasuban%7D%20-%20edited %5BT1%5D%20Clergy%20(M)%20(Priest%20Improved)%20Staff%20Moving%20%7Bflasuban%7D%20-%20edited %5BMAG%5D%20Monk%20(M)%20Magic%20%7BBlademaster%7D%20-%20edited

I am sitting on quite a few more new class cards and a couple more map sprites, they’ll all be released in due time. Two of which are completely unique and should offer some fun little addition to the game that I’m really looking forward to sharing.


I’d post some more of my custom maps (will save for another post), but for now I’ll just stick to mainly showing off some new palettes.

Frozen Black Temple

Ever wonder what the Black Temple would look like frozen over?

Ice Cave

How about a frozen cave? I have some really fun plans for this map.


Pink Mountains

How about something a little less chilling? How does that sound? A nice pink hue to the mountain tileset. A bit nostalgic perhaps?


Snowy/Frozen Better Desert

A wintery version of the Sme/Zoramine better desert tileset. Two different palettes for the walls, one normal, one frozen.
Do you think the folks of Jehanna like the cold as much as I do? Also, pay no mind to the lazy tile choices of this chapter, which this palette really brings out.
Frozen structures version:


Snowy Fields

Very similar to the FE6 snow tileset, but now with some more castles, more diverse forest tiles, and snags.

More of everything still to come! Let me know what you think so far!


That’s really good!


I love love love the class cards and unit sprites, I’m not really one for animations (I always skip battles) but I love having more class sprites to mess with.

I particularly like the 1st, 2nd, 14th and second to last portraits. Some of them are a little rough around the edges but they’re impressive for a few months work and leagues batter than anything I could do. I’m sure there are people around here who’d be more than glad to help you.

I also really like the ice cave set.
Welcome to FeUniverse!


An official welcome to you! Won’t go much deeper since the intro is spoilered and you’ve been posting before now, but welcome nonetheless.

For the Lance animation on the Merchant, it really feels like there isn’t enough weight to the lance thrust. Not so much a timing issue, but more length of how far the lance is thrust forward, impact of the motion via a blur frame, etc. Compare to the force of impact that something like the Soldier 2.0 animation has, for example. (Salvaged Merc would also be a good example for force of impact, though a slam should obviously have more than a thrust, which is why Soldier 2.0 might be a better call to look at.)

For the maps, I like the overall feel of the frozen Black Temple palette, though there are a few oddities which could potentially use a clean up (the chests, the transition from the outer part of the floor sigil to the inner part, the black squares on the walls, the gray squares in the water, the lower pillar-in-water tiles, the downward edges of the platforms/walls, etc.)… Might require manually modifying what tiles use what colors within the palette(s) just to make it a little cleaner. Any chance you are planning on posting the full tileset and not only the Object one (at least so everything on it (and the rest) is already recolored)?


Duly noted, especially given that the recruit animation looks like it has much more of an impact as well. Let’s just say for now this merchant isn’t well suited for combat quite yet and their lance makes for a better walking stick than a weapon.

Main post updated with the actual tilesets with their new palettes, plus another one.

Frozen Black Temple is still definitely a work in progress. The floor tiles look adequate with two of the palette sets, so I still plan to differentiate those and add a little more contrast overall. Example in the tileset I posted is the center of the circular thing in the lower right. I’d really like to get the dragon statues to stand out a bit more as well.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Just realized all the likes this post has been gathered over the course of the day. Glad you all like my little batch of projects! Especially for a complete novice! I’ll continue to add my creations in new posts and back in the original post too as that seems to be par for the course around here.

I’ve still got a few animations, a couple new map sprites, a good number of class cards, and a plethora of maps I’ll share in due time. And of course my two projects, which is the basis for why I’ve been making most of this stuff in the first place.

In the meantime, here’s some stills I’m particularly proud of, gonna have some fun with these three…


There is a problem with the tileset.
There are only 16 pallets.

Normal mountain tile set.

Your tile set.

Map tileset requires 5 * 16 palettes.
Fog pallet is also required if possible.

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Good catch. It looks like when uploading the image here, it loses the extra palette data. Either that or I’m just making some dumb beginners mistake, although I don’t know where/how a simple .png stores the other palette data if the colors aren’t present in the image.


Here’s a link to my palettes, looks like they retain all the data if downloaded from dropbox.

In today’s installment of things no one asked for, I present the humble bow myrmidon, because surely not everyone in Sacae can afford a horse or sword. This was a pretty simple splice with the Blade Lord bow animation and I think it turned out pretty decently.

lorm_sp1 lorm_sp1

bow%20myrm%20map bow%20myrm%20move myrm%20bow f%20bow%20myrm%20map f%20bow%20myrm%20move fe%20myrm%20bow


And some "Bow"masters, that I’m using for my generic Blade Lord class, under a different name of course. These were pretty simple to make, so why not?
sm%20bow sm%20bow%202 fe%20sm%20bow fe%20sm%20bow%202

I’ve also updated the top post with palettes for a snowy/frozen desert, and snowy fields tileset.


Excellent work!

Also, I wasnt aware there was an issue with the scripting on my Mage Lord until just now. The version I have on my computer works just fine, but the version on the repo doesnt, for both Magic and Staff. That is very odd, so thank you for alerting me to this!

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I heard there weren’t any requests to add a bow animation for the Wyvern Knight, so I went ahead and made one! This is really just a splice with the existing Wyvern Lord bow animation, minus the couple jittery frames it has, and a pair of forelimbs.

Wyvern Knight Bow:

As you should expect by now with my posts, map sprites and class card:

Wyvern%20Knight%20Bow%20Map Wyvern%20Knight%20Bow%20Move Wyvern%20Knight%20Bow%20Helmet

And some bow variant class cards for the existing wyverns (I think map sprites already exist for them):
Wyvern%20Bow Wyvern%20Bow%20Helmet Wyvern%20Lord%20Bow Wyvern%20Lord%20Bow%20Helmet

I’ve also updated the merchant lance animation to give it a little more “oomph” on impact, as per LordGlenn’s suggestion.


Haven’t posted anything in a while; let’s change that, shall we? I’ll be posting a small handful of maps revolving around a different game each post. Sound alright to you?

Little preface: None of them are perfect, but hey, nothing I make is. The lot of them are showing off the usage/versatility of the new stronghold tileset. Most are, or very nearly, 1 to 1 scale to their respective counterparts. Some creative freedoms are abound, particularly when it comes to the height difference between tileset vs 3D map design. I encourage anyone to compare mine with the originals!

First up, Path of Radiance

Blood Runs Red
What a start, the first one doesn’t even use the new tileset I said I wanted to show off. Oh well. Pretty simple demake, couple custom houses using what’s already available in the tile map, and fixing the cliff palette to play nice with the rest of the map. I quite like what I did with the (nonexistent) fences in front of some of the houses. I think it turned out pretty well.
Blood Runs Red

Without A King
Thought this would look pretty cool with the new tileset, but probably could have been just as well made with the castle tileset. Unfortunately, the gargoyles aren’t in the tileset (yet?), but they look neat and the fourth faction palette fits well here. Height is a bit funny with this, particularly the open rooms where I wanted to get the axes/banners on a 2 tile tall wall.
Without A King gif

One of my personal favorite maps I’ve done. A lot of custom tiles using bits and pieces that already exist in the stronghold tileset, and a few new as well, namely, the fences (my favorite part, which I will have added in a future update). I think they really add a lot to maps outside their fairly limited use in the village tileset. Clearly got carried away with the mosaic floor up top, but man, a fresh new palette for the “carpet” tiles can yield some pretty cool results for stonework. Also really happy with the detail in the fountain/garden area.

Hope you enjoy! More from Tellius next, any guesses?


Radiant Dawn

A Distant Voice
Oh look, treasure, and dragons instead of wolves… and pots.
A Distant Voice custom stairs

Elincia’s Gambit
Posted in the other thread, but I still really like this map.
Elincia's Gambit 2

Blood Contract
If you haven’t guessed by some of the other stuff I’ve posted, I like winter, so naturally I made a winter palette for the stronghold tileset, which isn’t even given proper justice here. Some of the heights are a bit odd, but I think it turned out pretty alright, I really like the snowy roofs. Also ledges.



Warrior Realm
This one is hot off the press, and again uses my snowy palette, this time getting to show off some lovey trees that actually fit the map scale. The unorthodox shadows are a result of more closely trying to mimic the actual Awakening map, which I think turned out pretty neat.
Warrior Realm 2

A darker palette and plentiful use of the torches. Since the default stronghold tileset torch doesn’t work well with shorter walls, I tweaked the small flame Flasu added and made a proper fitting torch for this height. The large torch flame I though fit pretty well as a fireplace for Emmeryn. That was a fireplace in that little room right? Only shaded the wall obscured by the chest in the room, because contrary to any map with torches, well, that’s just how light works. I also still need to add animations to the tileset…
Foreseer (side wall torches)

Infinite Regalia
A pretty simple map. Mainly an excuse to use the treasure tiles again, even though the actual map just used boring yellow floors for those top rooms. This makes the regalia feel slightly more infinite I like to think.

Death’s Embrace
Another simple DLC map, and only took about 15 minutes to make. This is the one where any unit on the lower floors HP was reduced to 1 at the start of every turn. I thought the ‘X’ tiles fit particularly well with the spikey floor gimmick.This also gave a good opportunity to use the large bonfire tiles which pretty adequately mimic the large standing torches in the map and maintain a perfect 1:1 scale.
Death's Embrace


These are fantastic recreations. We shall watch your career with great interest.

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Kitsune Lair
This map started out as me trying to make something out of the Western Isles tileset, after realizing how nicely it would play to a very autumnal palette. Some of the textures fit particularly well as big piles of leaves as opposed to rocky terrain they’re known for. I soon realized that the Western Isles tileset was eerily similar to the Fields, and ported over what I had of a palette so I wouldn’t have to add a ton of new tiles; I am incredibly lazy after all… I still would have liked to add some more red to the palette in the form of leaves and additional trees to make it really pretty, but ya know, that’s more work. Still pretty happy with how this turned out, and I really do love this color scheme.
Kitsune Lair

This was actually one of the first maps I made in this little mapping binge I’ve been on since we finished the stronghold tileset, which this started out using. It fit incredibly well here, but obviously lacked some of the key clutter pieces from the village tileset which I swapped to here. A little bit of palette tweaking, and a couple more custom tiles created from the existing tilemap really completed the black market sewer aesthetic. This map is perfectly 1:1 with the original aside from the top four rows, because I like adding details coincidentally useless to gameplay if you haven’t noticed yet.

Abrupt Clash
Nina’s paralogue. A spot on 1:1 map, as long as the “table” tiles are changed to fence or something similar. Most notable feature is probably the checkered floor, which is simply made up of tiles from the tops of walls using two different palettes. Speaking of palettes, I initially tried to match the original, but that didn’t turn out too hot without having to repalette a bunch of tiles. File that one under bad ideas.

Abrupt Clash

Spoilered for your viewing safety

Abrupt Clash palette


Those are cool renditions of Kitsune Lair and Camilla, but I will never forget the PTSD that actually playing those maps gave me.

Do you, by chance, do commissions? If not then do you could think you could give/sell the tileset files you used to create the Repatriation map? I’ve been looking for something like that for the longest time and it’s surreal to see someone create one of their own volition.

Commissions? Kind of. I’m more than happy to help you or anyone on improving their own mapping abilities/design work. Feel free to DM me. All I’d ask in return, is any sort of financial compensation anyone would be willing to give, is instead given to a charity or someone who needs it. And how would I know if you do? No idea, but I’ll leave that on your conscience if you choose not to and ask for my help anyway.

I feel like with mapping, there’s only so many ways you can adequately create a final product, but there are many different ways to get there. Now, I don’t care if you go and recreate any of my maps for yourself on your own accord, because that will at least help you familiarize yourself with the process, and perhaps better yet, find your own way of doing so. Odds are, you’ll find your own preferences to create, and that should be the real goal. Mapping Most of this stuff isn’t too difficult; like most things, it just takes practice, and a little patience.

All that being said, the tileset I used to create most of these maps that I won’t shut up about is the updated Stronghold tileset made by Zoramine, myself, and Flasuban, which can be found here: Updated Stronghold Tileset

One small thing to note is that I currently do not have the fences in that data yet, but I do plan on cleanly adding them for a public release in the nier future (I took out some other tiles to add them in my version). While you won’t immediately find all of the tiles I used available, everything can be created using the bits and pieces of the tilemap data. Get creative.

TL;DR: Better analogy: Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime. something something it’s the journey, not the destination, but I’ll help ya on that journey.


I think I can learn placing the tiles on my own (Hence why I just want the tileset), but I’d rather not have to worry about the headache of creating a mapchip and metatiles. As for the reason I asked if you did commissions, it’s mostly because of map sprites and battle animations which I also don’t want to worry about having to do myself.

As for the fences, I can wait. The main reason I was interested in the Repatriation map was because of that fountain you start at and I’d like to be able to have ALL the tools I need to recreate something like it.