Myth of Blight. (Full Game out!) [42 Chapters]

A new project I wanted to make after some time doing FE8 hacking.
This hack is somewhat similar to how is handled in FE 10 (Radiant Dawn).
Here is what to expect.

Team Discord names: DemilordHelix (Me), Destro, Sigmaraven, Kliss88, Markex133, Theroman307

Lots of weapons, classes, T3 classes, Anima triangle, A new functioning staff, Custom dance buffs from dance items, and more!

If you have a save of the demo, DO NOT USE IT FOR THE FULL VERSION!
It can cause serious issues, so make a new save to avoid those issues.

Myth of Blight.2021-07-29 15.22.21Myth of Blight.2021-08-14 00.02.37Myth of Blight.2021-09-05 01.16.01Myth of Blight.2021-09-05 15.34.38Myth of Blight.2021-09-05 21.30.40Myth of Blight.2021-10-27 08.46.08Myth of Blight.emulator.2021-07-21 16.31.29Myth of Blight.emulator.2021-08-01 15.33.42Myth of Blight.emulator.2021-10-14 01.08.58Myth of Blight.emulator.2021-10-24 06.07.42

Hope you have fun!
Credits are in the download.

Join my Discord.


Looks really good!

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Looks promising.

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Give a Shoot to this hack guys, you wont regret :b


How far along is this hack?

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10 chapter right now


This is looking good best of luck to you.

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Hey, glad to see that this is still going along. I’ll give a try to the demo soon

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Hello! Just finished the Demo and i have to say it’s a pretty fun romhack! I really liked what’s available so far, and it felt pretty balanced, with a few exceptions due to the high amount of S rank weapons on enemies towards the end of the Demo.
My only complain is that wyverns not taking effective damage from bows (I do not know if this is intentional or not) Really weakens the available bow options for the player, i understand that this is balanced out by making them weak to thunder magic, but this leaves Cinthea as the weakest unit in your team by far.

On another note Tier 3 Classes, or at the very least Raider and Marshall, have incredibly high exp gain, its not a problem for now since the Demo is too short for it to matter, but you may want to change this in the future since they will easily outpace the difficulty with their fast growth.


Thanks for the message and I’m glad it was fun for you!

To clear up the issues, the reason enemies have s rank weapons is that I have an incline enemy power rule that when an enemy is a certain level and what chapter it is, the enemies will have stronger weapons.

To note:
Lv. 1-5 Bronze or Iron weapons.
Lv.5-10 Iron, Steel and Iron Grt. weapons and Special weapons I.E Brave, killer, Ect.
Lv.10-15 Steel, Silver and Steel Grt. Weapons and higher chance for special weapons.
Lv. 15-19 Silver and Silver Grt. Weapons, All special weapon types and a chance for a few Master weapons (S rank).
Lv.20 Master weapons and Special Weapons.

As for the Wyverns.
Like the description says, this hack is more or less built like Radiant Dawn and RD made Wyvern classes no longer take Eff. damage from Bows.
Also, the weapon descriptions like bows or magic, give a detailed tell on what it is effective against.
Like the Hammerhead is Effective vs Armor and Pegasus.

Also, the T3 classes having more exp gain is unknown to me but I’ll leave it be because that won’t matter in the endgame chapters since all enemies will T3 and your units will have had a prep chapter that allows all units to reach their cap in power since it will Recommend you do so since it will become a blood bath in the end zone of the hack.

The Master crown in the demo will be the ONLY one to get before the end game.

It will mainly come down to your ability to strategize in the last chapters.
The chapters before is where characters REALLY matter.
Not only that, but the hack will force drop characters for certain chapters forcing the player to change up units.

Hope this clears things up a bit.


First of all, these are just my honest opinion, though I try to be objective as much as possible, so you may or may not consider it.

  1. For the plot, I find it quite enjoyable. The conversation is quite rich and the lore feels intriguing as well.
  2. For the difficulty, so far nothing too difficult or too easy, which is good.
  3. For the item icons, they are nice to look at, whoever made them, major props to them.
  4. For the character art, since I like something that is more matched to the game’s aesthetic style, I don’t like alpha (looking too rough/doesn’t match the game aesthetic style properly) custom content.
  5. For character and their corresponding classes, I would say Mio and Cinthea are kinda underwhelming offensively. The rest of the cast are fine, I guess. However, I think Mage Knight can be more interesting if it wields sword+anima instead of anima+staff, to make them different from pure riding mages and more befitting to their name.
  6. For the world building, I love the landscape. It is beautiful and unique but still fits the original game aesthetic style.
  7. For the skill system, I wish you can implement more of the skill system, particularly into the class itself. I do hate positioning skills (Reposition, Shove etc) since I’m too idiot to make use of them lol.

I have 3 questions about the hack for the people who played the demo.

  1. Out of the variety of weapons, (Not counting the Prf and S rank weapons.) Which one is your

  2. Out of these characters, (Jackson, Mio, Ellis, Martin, Guinea, Nicolas, and Cinthea. Not counting Kalvin, Payla, and Valos.)

Who was your MVP?

  1. Out of all the bosses (Not counting Skullketta)
    Who proved to be the most threatening to your team?
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1- killer axes/swords/lances, also throwing weapons were really useful.

2- Probably Jackson and Ellis

3- In general bosses weren’t very hard, but i remember i had some trouble with the boss on the chapter with an arena and a turn limit.


So, I just finished this hack and I have some new opinions regarding some of the aspects I mentioned before:

  1. Mio’s Armor March is absolutely useless, or at least for current version, as there is no single “armored” units in our team up to chapter 10.
  2. At first, going without preparation screen seems fine, but after the defend chapter on the library, I feel we need that to stock our basic weapons purposes.
  3. The addition of status passive item such as Iron Shield and Sun Charm is also nice to have.
  4. Martin’s growth for a cavalry is kinda disappointing too as his growth resembles a traditional male myrmidon with a bit lower HP.
  5. IMO, the worst boss would be Algo. He has Counter ability and MAXED OUT RES of 31. So, you can’t really chip his hp off with magic and doing it in physical way will not only yield you damaging yourself but also the probability of taking the damage from the counter attack itself. Please revise this. This is not even like the 96% portion of the game.
  6. My favorite weapon is of course the killer weapons, hands down. My least favorite weapon would be wind magic, as its damage so low and it offers nothing else but pegasus killer, which can be done in a much easier way using archer.
  7. My strongest fighter, aside from the Lord and Jaegen, would be Ellis, solely because magic has advantages over 3 unit categories, if it wasn’t, he is also kinda disappointing for offensive purposes. My least useful unit would be Mio. Maybe because the RNG fucked me really bad, but all of her status are bellow (ranging from 5-7 points lower) my Nicholas in the same class of choice, except for Def (6 points higher). Not only that, Mio is currently a unit without any personal skill basically due to the lack of other armored unit class in our team, even though I can’t make good use of Nicholas’s Pivot properly.

Other what I just mentioned, everything (plot, lore and world building) is still pretty strong for me.


Have a sneak peek of what’s to come in the hack.

Myth of Blight Full game.emulator.2022-01-28 08.23.21

Myth of Blight Full game.emulator.2022-01-28 09.17.10


To note, those tile formations do have a use.

Light Blue = Ward. +5 RES

Dark Blue = Cover. +5 DEF

Deep Blue = Heal. +15 AVO, Minor Healing, and cure status.

Will be used in some chapters.


Have a little snippet of the eventing that will be used through the endgame portion of the hack.

Important Item event trigger. Do not open if you no like character spoilers.

Quick notice. The project is about halfway. Here are a couple of shots from part 3.

Myth of Blight Full game.emulator.2022-07-05 17.38.43

Myth of Blight Full game.emulator.2022-07-05 17.42.19


You know… I’ve been curious.
What are your guy’s thoughts on how I handled the knives in this hack?
You know, the knives have very low might at base, so I thought giving them
high crit would help in offsetting the low might and not make thief characters
pretty much useless in battle.

What are your thoughts on the knives?


Thieves with low might/high crit knives sounds good to me.

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