My Youtube LPs

Since I’ve done a few of these now, I may as well shill them here?


The Last Promise
The one that started it all, I’ll admit, it’s not really a good one as my commentary was frankly abit rubbish.

Justice & Pride
Nothing of note except I began to read the dialogue ever since this one, still end up misreading lines here and there.

Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light
If you was to ask me my best LP, I would pick this one, it’s the most complete and is my most popular.

Sword of Heaven and Earth
A hack I really enjoyed but the lategame was just a little too much for me. Could be classed as in Incomplete but eh.


Hope’s Trail
The first one that was actually a request, I really quite liked it, but stopped it as I played really bad and lost way too many units, this is one to do and try and complete again in the future.

Infernal Blade
You people are probably thinking ‘I’ve never heard of this?’ fear not! It’s actually my hack in a very early state, this will be released some point as a demo in the future, just don’t know when unfortunately.

Order of the Crimson Arm
The current one, similar to DLATMOL because of the playable tactician.

I think that’s all of them, enjoy!


Pretty nice LP list overall! Will probably watch Crimson Arm first, have heard good things about it :slight_smile:

Idk if u take suggestions for stuff to LP, but if u do, I found a pretty cool FE6 hack I don’t think anyone has covered yet if you’re interested!