My Patch is now playable in it's current state! (HUGE BUG FOUND)

Hello Everyone! MercyPlayz here to announce that my patch is now finally playable, it’s currently in its very - VERY beta stages but playable, this hack IS open for everyone to work on, just link your updated patch in the comments and i’ll update the link with the patch.

Update: So, i found a huge bug in chapter 3 or 4, the bandit base chapter, so i’m working on fixing it and might as well, redo the entire patch and so.

for those who wonder where the patch is.

  1. since the link got removed, i decided to take some time to fix some broken things, not broken broken, like OP broken, like aida, who join in chapter 4, could do up to 90 damage with the thani she has at base, so i nerfed that, and i do plan to fix some maps, like 5x, by adding a breakable wall so you don’t die of boredom by the time you reach the throne. just some quality changes and stuff.

without further adieu, here is the link to the dropbox: [REDACTED]

Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments and stuff.
edit: link now downloadable.
Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones GBA-1 Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones GBA-0
here are two of the playable characters you get off the bat on the prolouge. the rest is a surprise. can’t spoil the fun

Edit2: I own NOTHING used as extra things in this hack, and all new stuff was used from the ultimate graphics repository, Here is the UGR if anyone wants to start doing this: the only things i made my own are the palettes for a few characters and had to remake certain characters palettes, and another 2 changes are, Eirika and Ephraim’s promotions now look lie their heroes designs and can use different weapons.

credits: Circles for the skill system patch
ZoramineFae, DerTheVaporeon, Pikmin1211 for the Ephraim repack both F and M
Mikey Seregon, Khrene Kleaver, Khardros for the custom Ike ranger animations
IS, Vilkalizer for the Lyn base with axes
GabrielKnight for the oracle animations
Alfred Kamon, Starter, Pikmin1211 for the centauress F animations
RedBean, Zelix for the swordmaster fir animations
Pikmin1211, DerTheVaporeon for the ninja animations
Redbean, Murata Masashi for the female general Amelia animations
Team SALVAGED for the cavalier/paladin animations
IS, ltranc, Genocike, Kao, DerTheVaporeon, Primefusion for the female paladin animations
Cipher Lee, DerTheVaporeon, Nuramon for the grail lord animations
IS, Hextator, shadowofchaos, Moocavo, Vilkalizer for the blade lord lyn and axes animations
St jack for the female battle sage animations
Kenpuhu, Aruka, Nuramon, Spud for the grand paladin animations
Red Bean, Shin19 for the archsage lillina animations
Melia for the saint animations
BatimaTheBat for the Marth portrait
Blueyguy (ha, nice, i like blue) for the Ceada portrait
Obsidian_Daddy for the Say’ri portrait
BuskHusker for the Edelgard portrait
Brunnya blinking and Eilamin portraits by uknown;couldn’t find the author, if anyone knows, please let me know.
Deirdre portrait by unknown, couldn’t find it, please let me know if you know who made it.
Other portraits like Karel, Fir and Isadora were used from FE7 and FE6
If i add any new classes and stuff, i will gladly give the makers credit.


i see we’re pulling the ol’ final swear marketing strategy here

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Well, what’s the point of rom hacking? making things for others to enjoy and iwant others to add onto the hack, make it better, because i’m just a novice at this stuff.

i meant that you should probably add something that indicates what exactly we’re playing?
screenshots, a description of your hack, anything. congrats on the release though!

EDIT: the patch is undownloadable

Sadly i don’t know how to screenshot stuff or upload them to here.

use snipping tool while you run it on your pc, save the image, and then click this buttonimage


oh, thank you.

Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones GBA-0
Here’s one of the new characters, Me, mercy

Fixed, you should be able to download it now.

(I made this mistake for too long when I was making posts) but using your emulator’s built-in screenshot tool is probably better than using Snipping Tool.
Also if your hack is titled, it’s probably best to include the title in the title of your post!

The hack is currently untitled and just goes by “MyPatch” in the dropbox, if i come up with a title, i’ll update it.

I just full-screen it, press “print screen” and then paste my screenshot into GIMP, personally.

you might want to add some credits unless you did everything including asset creation

Uh, are there any edits after prologue?

yes, there are more edits
along with a lot of uncredited assets


I do plan to credit everyone i used assets from, i haven’t yet because the hack isn’t done, but i do plan to add credit to all who made the assets i used.

my guy you don’t credit people after the fact, you do it when you release the thing in the first place :man_facepalming:
and you don’t tell people to find the things you used and credit them for you.

like come on, do better than this


This is not good enough. You should credit the creators of the assets you used specifically, and by name.

I’ll be removing the patch link until you do that.


What’s the name of this hack?

Is just “My Patch”? I like it, where’s the link?

See the post directly above yours.